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Bronze Group

Ages 5-9

Bronze swimmers focus on stroke technique, body position, and kicking to set themselves up for future success and to limit future injuries. They learn the fundamentals of each stroke (streamlined underwater kick, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) and begin learning how to use a pace clock. Games and drills are frequently used to keep learning fun and exciting. Swimmers entering Bronze should be able to

  • Swim multiple laps of correct side-breathing freestyle and correct backstroke in a 25-yard pool.
  • Pay attention to their coach.

Bronze swimmers may have no previous competitive swimming experience, but are enthusiastic and eager to learn. We recommend Bronze swimmers attend 2 to 3 practices per week. Swimmers in this group should check with their coaches about which events to enter at scheduled meets.

Entry-level expectations for Bronze swimmers:

  • Able to swim one 25-yard lap of freestyle unassisted.
  • Able to push and glide off walls.
  • Able to comprehend instruction from a Coach in a group setting.
  • Bronze parents should have knowledge of the swim team structure and mission.

Sites Available: Almaden Swim & Racquet, Gunderson High School, Club Sport