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Gold Group

Ages 7.8- 11

The Gold group focuses on developing elite age-group swimmers with well-rounded training methods. Gold swimmers maintain focus on stroke technique, body position, and kicking to set themselves up for future success and to limit future injuries, while building up workout intensity. Gold swimmers have competitive swimming experience. They learn the fundamentals of a well-rounded training program (including, but not limited to, dry-land training, race strategies, pacing, and improving technique) and are encouraged to work toward training and personal goals.

Gold swimmers are encouraged to know their best times and training paces. We recommend Gold swimmers attend 3 to 5 practices per week. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend meets scheduled by the coach with a goal of qualifying for Junior Olympics.

Entry-level expectations for Gold swimmers:

  • Able to complete the following set:
    • 8 x 50s freestyle @ 1:00
    • 8 x 50s back dolphin kick with fins @ 1:00
    • 8 x 25s scull @ :50
    • 4 x 100 IM @ 2:20
  • Knowledge of Junior Olympic and/or Far Westerns times
  • Gold swimmers should be close to or at 10-year-old National USA Swimming 'B' times to enter the group.

Sites Available: Almaden Swim & Racquet, Gunderson High School, Club Sport