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National Group

Ages 14 & Up

The National group prepares swimmers to compete at the highest levels. National swimmers have written race goals and corresponding training goals. Swimmers swim with their goals in mind every practice. Swimmers maintain focus on stroke technique,body position, and kicking to set themselves up for national success and physical health. The primary focus of this group is to achieve the highest level of swimming potential of each individual swimmer.

The National group consists of committed swimmers that have sufficient competitive swimming experience and have demonstrated their ability to mentally and physically train at a high level.

Entry-level expectations for National swimmers:

  • Must attend 5-6 practices per week.
  • Must have two  13-14 National USA Swimming 'AAA' times to enter the group.
  • Attend all competitions scheduled by the coach. Season focus meets are CCS, Summer Sectionals, and Winter Sectionals.  Must be in high school.
  • National swimmers primarily attend trials and finals meets and are expected to compete for second swims and learn how to use the morning swim to go faster at night.
  • Knowledge of national Top 10 rankings and train to achieve Top 10 times.
  • Able to complete the following set:
    • 12 x 50s freestyle pace @ 4 @ :45 / 4 @ :40 / 4 @ :35
    • 8 x 50s back dolphin kick with fins 4 @ :40.  4 @ :35
    • 10 x 50s kick @ :45
    • 8 x 25s scull @ :30 (holding :20)
    • 5 x 200 IM @ 2:45

 Sample main set: 42 x 50s holding 29/26 or better.

  • Knowledge of Sectional Top 10 times.

Sites Available: Gunderson High School (all National track groups practice only at GHS)