Becoming a MAC Official

Officiating is a very rewarding experience, not only are we supporting our swimmers, we are supporting the MAC swim team and the USA Swim community. You get a fantastic view on deck, front row to some pretty incredible swims, and get to work with a great group of officials.

The following will give you a general overview of the certification process. Attend a clinic get more information, get an idea of what officiating entails, and then make a decision to support our swimmers.

There are two options to choose from; with no prior experience you can attend a Stroke & Turn Clinic or Electronic Timing Clinic. It’s a personal decision on which official path you choose. Both Stroke & Turn (S&T) and Electronic Timing (ET) are equally valuable and needed. We as a team are expected to provide officials at meets we attend. 

Stroke & Turn judges observe swims, to ensure a fair and equitable competition for all swimmers.  The first step to becoming a S&T judge is to attend a clinic. A S&T clinic takes about 2 hours, you will go over an outline of the training process, will be introduced to the technical rules of swimming, discuss deck procedure, and jurisdiction and protocol. Certified S&T officials may advance to Starter, CJ, and Referee officials.

Electronic Timing preform a number of roles, most importantly they ensure every swimmer receives an accurate and valid time for their swim. The first step is to attend an ET clinic, you will go over an outline of the training process, be introduced to procedures used to verify times, operate consoles, and Hy-Tek. Certified ET may advance to Administrative Official (AO).

All official trainees are required to complete the following before on deck training can begin:

*attend a Stroke & Turn or Electronic Timing clinic (free)

*create an official’s USA Swimming account (free) 

*complete a Background Check ($39) 

*complete USA SWIMMING/OREGON SWIMMING Registration ($70) 

*complete Athlete Protection course (free) 

*purchase white polo, black shorts/pants, black socks, and black shoes (official’s uniform)


All training is done side by side with a certified official; the progression of the training program supports the trainee at every phase. Once you complete your training you will take an online open book test pertaining to the technical rules, after successfully completion you will be issued credentials. You will be a certified official, print your credentials and you are all set to officiate and support the MAC! 

While there is cost associated with becoming an official, MAC Swim Team Booster will reimburse your $70 registration and $39 background check fees. Also expenses related to officiating are tax-deductible.

You can find more information and resources at:

Oregon Swimming Inc.

USA Swimming Inc.

Please feel free to contact Judi Creech at 360.909.7526 or MAC official, for more information or to schedule a clinic.

See you on deck soon!