Meet Signups

All About Swim Meets

As swimmers develop their strokes and gain endurance, coaches will encourage them to begin entering meets. Attending meets is not mandatory, but swimmers improve when they challenge themselves and try new events.

LAMVAC (club code LAMV) is a member club of USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States. USA swimming is divided into 59 Local Swim Committees (LCSs), and LAMV is part of the Pacific Swimming (PC) LCS.  Pacific Swimming LCS is further broken down into five zones, LAMV being in Zone 1 North (Z1N). There are 20 clubs in this zone, which covers San Mateo and north Santa Clara counties. Typically, there are about one or two meets per month in Zone 1 North that LAMV swimmers may enter.

Meets that are labeled C/B/A+ are open to all swimmers, as are JO- (meaning not achieving JO times). Other meets include JO+ (Junior Olympic), FW (Far Westerns) and SR (Senior), where the swimmer must have qualifying times to enter.  High school-aged and elite swimmers in the Junior or Senior group may enter Senior meets at the coach’s discretion.  All courses are either Short Course (25) Yards (SCY) or Long Course (50) Meters (LCM).

How it works for Tiger Sharks and Piranhas:

  1. Coaches will let swimmers know when they are ready to enter upcoming meets and encourage them to enter.  If you are not sure if your swimmer is ready or not, ask the coach before or after practice.
  2. The coach will send out a flyer of upcoming meets.  These will be sent in an email as an attachment from the coach or they may be handed out at practice. The parent and swimmer indicate the desired meets and return this to the coach.  The coach will know which meets the swimmer is eligible for.
  3. The coach then determines which events (such as the 50 yard breaststroke or the 100 meter butterfly) are best suited to challenge the swimmer, and he then enters the swimmers in the meet as soon as registration opens. Many meets fill quickly, so it is important to let the coach know early which meets you can attend. This will help ensure that the swimmer will get into the meet.
  4. Invoices will come from the team through email.  Each meet is about $30 per swimmer to enter, depending on how many events are entered, and what kind of meet it is.  Once entered, you are responsible for payment, even if you cannot make it to the meet.

How it works for Juniors and Seniors:

  1. The Head Coach will prepare a list of meets that LAMV will attend and will announce by email or at the pool the meets as they open up for registration.  He will advise that the swimmer enter the meet through swim connection as soon as possible. 
  2. Swimmer (and parent if necessary) will go online to swim connection.  Select the correct meet. You will be asked to log on as a member or a guest (either is fine).  Swimmer decides what events he or she would like to enter, as suggested by the coach.  Payment is made by credit card to swim connection.  Once entered, there is no refund, even if you cannot make it to the meet.

Intra-squad Meets – Once or twice a year we have intra-squad meets, called Red and Black meets.  These are short, two hour meets held during practice hours at Foothill pool.  Only LAMVAC swimmers and their parents may attend, and they are a great way to learn how meets work in a low pressure environment.  We encourage all swimmers to come, including any Tadpole ready to swim 25 yards over deep water. There is a minimal fee to participate.