Volunteer Info

2018-2019 Makos Volunteer Information

(USA Team family member requirements)

The Makos really are a member run/supported club. We absolutely need your active participation at certain times. There are various events throughout the year your help is requested (Swim-a-Thon lap counters, fun meets, etc.), but at Makos Hosted Meets, your club absolutely has to have a high % of active participation. Without your help, we just cannot do a good job of these events.

● Each family (Blue through Senior) should expect to fill 1 volunteer slot for each day of a Makos hosted meet. So, for example, a 1 day meet = 1 volunteer session, 2 day meet = 2 volunteer slots, etc.

Hosting a meet:
1. Allows Makos swimmers to attend a meet for which they don’t have to leave home,
2. Saves travel expense for the family of each competing swimmer,
3. Provides additional income for your club


2018-2019 Volunteer Needs:

**Swim-A-Thon:  DATE TBA (1 volunteer (lap counter) per family)

**Makos 500 Swim Meet:  January 2019 (1 volunteer session per family)

**Small Teams Champs: March 2019 (2 volunteer sessions per family)

**Sunshine State Games Swim Meet:  June 2019 (3 volunteer sessions per family)

Please note, following each club hosted meet, unmet portions of your volunteer commitment will be billed at the rate of $50 per session.