SENIORS Requirement


1.    Training



  • Completes 200 of each stroke with correct breath control, stroke count, strong underwater kicks, efficient and fast walls
  • Completes 400 IM with strong efficient strokes and strong fast walls
  • Utilizes pulse training during practice and meets
  • Knows all advanced drills & skills
  • Able to maintain stroke rate and times in training sets
  • Performs ascend, descend, pace, negative split, and pacing


  • Sets short and long term goals
  • Understands his/her season plan
  • Understands relationship between DPS, stroke rate and swimming speed
  • Understands the need for mental skills for maximum performance
  • Asks Coach for guidance to enhance skills
  • Practices visualization and relaxation

2. Education  


  • Understands the dangers of supplement usage
  • Understands and demonstrate the importance of hydration at all times water bottles and Gatorade behind lane
  • Understands and plans a healthy daily diet
  • Demonstrates wise food choices on team and all other travel trips
  • Utilizes USA Swimming's Nutrition Tracker

Time Management

  • Highest level of sports priority
  • Attends 95% of all scheduled practices
  • The athlete will email or phone their coach prior to the time of absence
  • Avoid procrastination of schoolwork - Plans ahead
  • Must attend Saturday Workouts

Stress Management

  • Prioritizes school work, social activities & other commitments including swimming
  • Understands meet and practice performance
  • Understands work vs. reward

Time Frame

  • Girls Minimum age 12 with 1 AAA time for distances 100 or above
  • Boys Minimum age 13 with 1 AAA time for distances 100 or above

3. Performance  


  • Maximum performance in all test sets
  • Demonstrates willingness and consistency for challenging dryland and water training
  • Understands how to use the TT Trainer, and charts
  • Uses Heart Rate to judge practice performance
  • Understands Training speeds and Tempo
  • Utilizes Underwater fly kick during training sets


  • Competes in the highest level of qualified competition
  • Competes at Senior State and Senior Sectionals
  • Prepares for success
  • Demonstrates proper meet prep and planning
  • During competition athlete understands the importance of staying warm, hydrated, focused and relaxed
  • Demonstrates race strategies and correct race prep (warm-up) and correct warm down for each stroke and distance
  • Able to apply technique applications to races
  • Leads stretching and ready for team warm-up minimum of 5 minutes prior to start

4. Character Development  


  • Demonstrates proper meet behavior
  • Encourages teammates
  • Congratulates teammates & opponents
  • Leads team cheers
  • Respectful of meet officials and opponents
  • Athletes actions demonstrate who they are not the clock
  • Thanks meet officials for volunteering

Social Skills

  • Understands and takes responsibility for attendance performance and practice habits and how these 3 relate to meet performance
  • Positive leadership behavior
  • Athlete is not influenced by the actions of others
  • Respects self, teammates, coaches, others and the facility
  • Initiates communication with coach
  • Demonstrates safety precautions for self and teammates

Team Commitment

  • Attends group and team activities
  • Knows some team history
  • Promotes the sport to others
  • Positive role model for team and for the sport
  • Attends team travel meets
  • Wears O2 team cap, suit and team attire to meets

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