Team Tryouts

How to Join PTAC!

Tryouts for Swimmers with Previous USA Swimming Experience
Swimmers with competitive experience who are interested in joining PTAC should email Head Coach Miles Cava (  Swimmers with SIGNIFICANT previous team experience may be admitted without a formal tryout, due to the postponement of all general tryouts.  Please let us know more about your swimming background and be sure to include your full name and a list of your best swimming times.

General Tryouts for Short Course Season ( September 2020 - March 2021 ) General Tryouts ALL GENERAL TRYOUTS POSTPONED
Unfortunately we will not be able to hold any general tryouts until further notice.  The DeNunzio pool is closed due to the ongoing virus transmission in the area and we do not know at this time when it will be open again.  As soon as the pool becomes open we will plan to have another series of tryouts.  Please see check our website for more information and email head coach Miles Cava for more information.

Tryout General Schedule
Competitive Team Tryouts for Summer "Long Course" Season (April - July)

Every year in early Late February / Early March.
Competitive Team Tryouts for Fall-Spring "Short Course" Season (September - March)
Every year in early Late June / Early July.