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Ages 14 & Up

The Senior group is for swimmers with experience in year-round competitive swimming, ready to step up their training level. Meet goals are Senior II, Senior Circuit, CCS, and Sectionals. All swimmers have knowledge of CCS and National group times. Swimmers in the Senior group demonstrate a strong passion and commitment for swimming, and work on building character on a daily basis. The training focus for the group is best stroke, free, and IM; emphasis on quality underwaters, targeted breathing, and a kick base foundation.

Swimmers in the Senior group should have short and long term goals set for both swimming and academics. Senior group consists of committed athletes that are passionate about the sport of swimming. The group goal is to prepare athletes for elite level training and competition, with a long term goal of providing athletes with the opportunity to successfully swim at the collegiate level.

Entry-level expectations for Senior swimmers:

  • Must be in high school to enter the group. Freshmen entering high school move into the group in August from the Pre-Senior or Turquoise (ASRC) groups and January from the Junior National group.
  • Completion of IMX and IMR scores by end of first season with group.
  • 80%+ meet attendance
  • 75%+ practice attendance with two Senior 2 cuts, 90%+ practice attendance without cuts
  • Able to complete the following sets:
    • 10x100 free @ ≤1:25
    • 10x50 @:45, holding pace
    • 8x50 back dolphin with fins, 4@:45, 4@:40
    • 10x50 kick, 5@:50, 5@:55
    • 8x25 scull @:30
    • 5x100 IM @1:30

Sites Available: Gunderson High School