Swimming Apps

OnDeck Parent App

  • Create account - Your login and password will be the same ones you used to set up your TeamUnify account on the team website.  The Team Alias is “mvsmsa” (case sensitive)
  • “Account Home” - This is where you will find your child and a list of all their best times for each event that they have competed in and earned a legal time.
  • If you click on one of the times, it will go into more detailed information for that one particular event.  If will give you a list of all their times swimming that event and where they earned them.  It will also show you at the bottom how far away (or under) they are from each of the different time standards.
  • “Time Standards” - This is where you can see the time standards for each particular event, broken down by sex, stroke, distance, long/short course, and age.  If you click on a particular time standard, you will also be given a breakdown of everyone on the MSA team who has met or not met that time standard.
  • “Job Manager” - This link is only active when we host a meet.  You will see a breakdown of who is signed up for each job needing covered for the swim meet.
  • “Swim Meets” - This is a list of upcoming meets.  Once a meet’s declaration time is closed, you will also see a list of who from MSA is attending the meet and what events your child is signed up for. 


Meet Mobile App

  • Cost is $5.99/year - and it’s worth it!
  • Shows results during swim meets.  You can look results up by swimmer, team, or event.
  • Results include entry time, final time, time added/dropped, and rank with all other swimmers of the same age group in that particular event at the meet.
  • You can “favorite” you child and anyone else you would like to see results for.  Push notifications will pop up on your phone if you enable them.