Meet Nutrition
  • The food and drinks you bring to meets for your swimmers are very important.  They are athletes and they need to have adequate fuel and hydration for their bodies to function at top levels. 
  • Below are some suggestions for good “meet food”.  There are no “perfect” foods -  ultimately, as the parents, you have to figure out what your child will eat and go with that.  The biggest thing is - Don’t sugar them up!  Sugar highs are always followed by sugar crashes, and that is not usually conducive to good swim races. 
  • Drinks - Gatorade and Powerade both make low or no-sugar varieties of their drinks.  Gatorade’s is G2 and Powerade’s is Powerade Zero.  Water is also good.  Soda is never a good option.
  • Food - Fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, or any other fruit that’s in season); protein (beef jerky, deli meat, cheese, peanut butter / peanut butter crackers, energy balls); carbs (goldfish crackers, mini bagels, rice cakes, crackers)