Service Hours

2017 - 2018 Family Service Hour Requirements

Families with swimmers in Developmental Gold, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Age Group Gold, Senior Gold, and National have a service hours requirement.

Families who only have swimmers in Novice, Developmental Silver, or Senior Silver do not have a service hour requirement.

All job signups are done through the website, on the meet and event pages. When signups open, an email goes out to the team. Simply click on "Job signup" on the meet or event page to sign up for work shifts.

From the 2017-2018 TIDE Swimming Annual Membership Contract:

9.  I understand that during the 2017-2018 competition season TIDE will host two or more swim meets and that TIDE parents work in meet support positions whether the Swimmer is participating or not. I also understand that parents are often asked, at meets hosted by other teams, to assist with timing duties. To this end, I agree to participate in TIDE’s Service Hours Program and fulfill the requirements of this program as set out by the Board of Directors.  I understand I will be required to work a total not to exceed 30 service hours both at TIDE activities (TIDE hosted meets, bubble raising and lowering) and at non-TIDE sponsored swim meets (timing duties), and that at least 10 of my hours must be earned by working at TIDE sponsored meets.  I also understand that if I fail to work the prescribed number of service hours I will be billed $50 per hour for every hour not worked. This provision is applicable to all members who have a YEAR ROUND swimmer in Developmental Gold, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Age Group Gold, Senior Gold, and National. Members whose highest level swimmer is in Developmental Gold have a reduced Service Hours Requirement not to exceed 10. The fee for not working the required 10 hours is $50 per hour not worked.


Meet work signups are done through the team website and are monitored by the Service Hours Coordinator, Tara Frey. The Service Hours Coordinator can assist families with finding a match between family responsibilities and team requirements. If you have special family circumstances, it is important that you contact the Service Hours Coordinator EARLY when planning your meet work hours. Families are expected to be proactive in signing up for their required number of service hours.

A worker cannot simply report to a meet session unannounced and offer to work. All meet work shifts must be arranged in advance of the meet. This gives all of our busy families a chance to plan ahead.

Examples of meet work positions include:

• Lane timer: operates stopwatch and timing equipment for an assigned lane

• Runner: collects timing sheets from lane timers to give to Meet Recorder

• Clerk of Course: musters swimmers for each event, distributes entry (relay) cards to coaches, escorts and helps manage younger swimmers behind the blocks, posts deck seeding results

• Hospitality worker: assists in food preparation, stocking, and serving in Hospitality Suite (for coaches and meet officials)

• Concessions worker: prepares, cooks, sells food and snacks

• Heat sheet sales: sells heat sheets (meet programs) during meet. This volunteer may also be asked to pick up meet programs (heat sheets) from the printer.

• Announcer: meet announcer, operates P.A. system, announces races, results (volunteer must be approved by the meet director)

• Ribbon writer: prepares award ribbons by affixing labels, sorts awards by team for distribution to participating teams' coaches

• Meet setup/teardown: set up equipment, seating, other tasks as required (depending on venue)

• Meet Marshall: patrol deck and environs (locker rooms, hallways) to ensure safety of swimmers and spectators. Read complete job description HERE.


Participation in bubble raising or takedown working parties provides TIDE Swimming families with yet another opportunity to fulfill their service hours requirements. Participation in bubble raising (late October/early November) and/or takedown (late March/early April) counts as service hours.  Due to the very physically demanding nature of raising and lowering the bubble, it is highly recommended that these  positions be filled by men (or strong women).

Email from Tara Frey (servicehours@tideswimming.com. Make sure you read her updates!

September 18, 2017

Good Evening Parents!

I am receiving quite a few emails regarding job sign ups. I applaud everyone for being so on the ball! I am making every effort to attend as many parent meetings as possible, but there is a lot happening in the next couple of weeks, so let me review a few things here:

1. The date on a this sign up was an arbitrary date. I have to enter a date to make a sign up. Do not worry. I will email when the sign up will go live and update that date. Sorry to confuse you all. 

2. All sign ups will go live on Wednesdays at 8:30pm unless I email you otherwise. Sometimes I do not get the assignments in time for Wednesdays. I WILL let you know if the live date changes. 

3.  I plan on having the October 7-8 meet sign up ready for THIS Wednesday at 8:30. There will be 2 sign ups:  one for working and one for food donations. Sign up on BOTH. 

4.  I put limits on how many jobs/food donation items you make take for 24 hours. After 24 hours, I will raise these limits or eliminate them. Read my emails for those limits. This Wednesday's sign up will be 2 jobs per family and one food donation. If the website isn't letting you sign up, you're probably exceeding the limit. 

5.  You may work even if your child is not competing. Some families find it easier to work when their kids are not swimming. Do what works best for your family, but the pool is local, so this option is feasible. 

6. Meets that we host, like October 7-8 and 21-22, have lots of jobs. We need meet marshals, runners, timers, concession workers, etc. Meets that we attend, but DO NOT host, only have timing. We will also need helpers for raising and lowering the bubble over the Mt. Trashmore pool, the Tide banquet with silent auction, etc., but the majority of jobs come from meets. We will host 2 meets in the spring that will have lots of opportunity as well. 

7. If you have a special skill or business that can help the team in some way, please let us know. We have traded services for service hours. I am always looking for team photographers, people who can do marketing/flyer design, restaurants--things like this. 

8. If you're having trouble...communicate. Let me know. I am a parent volunteer with 3 kids and running my business. I understand busy and I'm here to help. I don't attend practice, I don't know what's happening in all groups, so please reach out if you need anything. 

9. Lastly, DO NOT PANIC. You have until July31st to complete your hours. It is perfectly ok to still carry a balance through mid June. Jobs tend to go Unfilled after March. There is plenty to do. 

I hope this helps. Be ready at your computers Wednesday night at 8:30pm

Take care,