Registering Online for Meets

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Registering Online for Swim Meets

What you need


You’re going to be asked to provide information identifying you and proving your membership in United States Swimming (USS). Before you begin to sign up, make sure you have the following information handy:

  1. Swimmer’s USS registration ID number

    This number is found on the swimmer’s USS ID card that was sent to you around the beginning of the swim season or shortly after you joined the team.

    If you did not receive the card or if you have misplaced it, you can construct your USS registration ID number. Just put these numbers and letters together from left to right:


    • Date of birth (MMDDYY)

    • First three letters of swimmer’s first name

    • Swimmer’s middle initial (if the swimmer doesn’t have a middle initial, insert an asterisk (*).)

    • First four letters of the last name. If your last name has fewer than four letters, then use the entire last name. Here’s an example:

      Jonathan H. Doe was born Sept. 14, 2005. His USS ID number is 091505JONHDOE


  2. A copy of the swim meet sheet or the web link to sign up online. If neither one is available, go online to the online meet entry (OME) site:

  3. A major credit card

  4. The swimmer’s club code, which for LAMVAC is LAMV

  5. The swimmer’s Swimming Association (sometimes called Local Swim Committee or LSC). LAMVAC’s is Pacific Swimming.


You may find instructions and a video on how to sign up for the meet using the online meet entry (OME) system on SwimConnection: