2021 AG Zone Team

Age Group Zone Team

The 2021 Southern Zone Age Group Championships will be July 27 - July 31 in Tupelo, MS.

The Zone Team will depart on July 26 and return on August 1st.The fee for this year's trip is TBA per swimmer.

There are two separate for Age Group and Seniors. The Age Group application will be posted in June.

Zone Team Covid-19 Travel Policy

Selection: Seniors for the Age Group Zone Team are chosen through an application process. Eight athletes from each gender will be selected based on the criteria outlined under Senior Selection.

Coaching staff

Head Coach: Jennifer Bowers(HURR)

Jesse Lewis-DYNA

Kate Morgan-VAST

Chris Pierson-DYNA

Jarrod Hunte-DCS

Michael Mahroum-SA

David Menchinger-UNAT

Team Manager- Sydney Pepper-DYNA

Zone Team Swimmers

Senior Girls

Jayla Thompson - SA                          Reeves Showfety-DYNA
Ansley Halbach - ABSC                      Sophia Hook - DYNA
Claire Norris - ASL                              Betsy Bierbaum- DYNA
Lyla Richards - DYNA                         Kate Kerber - SA


Senior Boys

Simon Casey - ABSC                    Eaman Monaghan - LA
Caden Cahill - GCAT                     Daniel Schwabauer - GCAT
Hudson Burch - ASL                      Dean Wall - LA
Collin Skedsvold - ASL                  William Wall - LA


1st Liam Bray - SPAC
2nd Madison King - DYNA

2021 Age Group Georgia Zone Team

11 - 12 Girls     11 - 12 Boys  
Greta Myers USAC   Gavin Halusic GOLD
Pilar King HLHK   Daniel Goshko LIFE
Sophie Hamilton SPAC   Wyatt Mackay DYNA
Natalia Amescua SA   Connor Christopherson USAC
Claire Hicks GOLD   Johnson Xiao DYNA
Morgan Farmer USAC   Jaxon Lou DYNA
Haley Sanders SA   Parker Hebert SUMM
Addelyn Gillespie VAST   Torin Trotter ABSC
Alternates       Alternates    
Amelia Blevins     Nicholas Williams  
Brielle Ringelberg          
13 - 14 Girls     13 - 14 Boys  
Allie Byerly TWS   William Stanton GAGA
Kate  Bradley LINS   Kyle Davis LA
Maela McKallip SMAC   Vito Cappiello DCS
Amelia Harper ASL   Bennett Baer TWS
Reese Benton DYNA   Logan Calhoun DYNA
Piper Slorahn GOLD   Jarrett Watkins TWS
Hattie Wasmuth DYNA   Collin Holgerson SA
Katherine Dunagan LA   Cohen Mackay DYNA
Alternates       Alternates    
Madison Dampier     William Pham  
Allie Donkar     Lucien Chenard  
Age Group athletes are chosen through a point system at the Georgia Long Course Age Group State meet in July. All Age Group athletes must apply by application prior to the start of the State meet. There will be eight athletes selected for each of the 11-12 girls, 11-12 boys, 13-14 girls and 13-14 boys age groups. Athlete scoring and application procedures may be found under Age Group Selection.

There are six spots reserved on the Age Group Zone Team roster for athletes with a disability. Three spots are reserved for males athletes and three spots for females. Additional information may be found under Disability Selection.

Meet information is here.

Zone Team Contact: Sydney Pepper, z[email protected]

Departure Date: Monday, July 26th