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Swim School Program

Due to COVID-19 Guidelines, all swim lessons are currently private and are each 15 minutes.  Siblings can sign up to do a BLITZ class together.  

We teach swim lessons to children ages 6 months and up. Classes have a 4/1 ratio and are two days per week. All lessons are 30 minutes long. Our experienced instructors teach a repetitious and progressive skill set in a positive and caring environment. 



We charge $18 per class and bill in a monthly style tuition.  Auto billing is started when you register and tuition is paid on the 1st of every month. 


Registration Fee

$25 will be added on to your first month as an annual registration fee. It is non refundable and covers the cost of enrolling your student into our swim school. Register by calling our office 904-608-4775. Office hours are Tuesday through Friday 9am - 2pm.


Discontinue Notes

We need notice by the 15th of the month before discontinuing your auto billing that is set up for the 1st of the month. You will need to fill out a discontinue form in the office to provide notice.


Missed Class Make Ups

We understand that life happens and that kids get sick. When a family needs to miss their pre-arranged class time, we will give a make up class for the first 2 missed classes. After that, parents will be responsible for paying all classes. 


Weather Cancellations

If we cancel class due to stormy weather, we will guarantee a make up class for your child. Parents will be notified via email when we cancel a class.


Swim Lesson Levels

Parent/Tot Class​es:  This is a 20 minute fun class, parent & child engage in activities and singing that help your child feel comfortable in the water. Your instructor leads you through a routine each class that helps your child relax and enjoy. Age 6 mo. to 3 years are welcome.

Learn To Swim Class​es This is a 30 minute class with a maximum of 4 students. Age 3 years - 14 years are welcome. These classes are for beginners until they can swim the width of our pool with no assistance in the freestyle and backstroke.

Stroke School Classes:  This is a 30 minute class with a maximum of 6 students. Instructor will teach from the deck. Students swim many widths of the pool practicing mainly freestyle and backstroke. 10 minutes of class will be spent on learning breast stroke and butterfly.

Special Needs Classes We have instructors who specialize in teaching children with special needs.  We will take into consideration the needs and abilities of your child and make appropriate arrangements. You will be invited in for a free trial class and your child will be assessed for placement. 

Adult Lessons We have instructors who specialize in teaching adult swim lessons. All adult lessons are booked as private lessons (see below). We have great success helping adults to learn how to swim on their own. Often times an adult only needs to work on one area such as their breath control, or their kick. We work with adults who are fearful and have never swam and we work with adults who simply want to learn a new stroke.

Private Lessons: We offer private lessons at $40 per 30 minute lesson. These are for one child per instructor. In private lessons a family can request that certain skills be worked on to suit the individual needs of a child. We require that at least four private lessons be booked when beginning lessons. You can schedule private lessons once or twice a week.

Triathlete Lessons: We have instructors who specialize in fine tuning stroke technique for the triathlete. Please call us at 904-608-4775 to discuss your needs and abilities.