The Bulletin: 2018 Volume 2

In this Issue

1. A Note from Todd

2. Stay Warm

3. Location Updates

4. Tick Tock Goes the Clock

5. Subscribe to calendars

6. Time Standards

7. Social Media

A Note from Todd

It is getting close to that time again...CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON. I encourage each athlete to take full advantage of each practice and each race that remains this season as if it were your last.

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Stay Warm

Nobody ever said, "I enjoy being cold." So, the question is; Why do we let our kids/athletes walk out the door with shorts and a t-shirt, or no hat, no coat, or nothing to help them stay warm and healthy?

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Location Updates

What a great month!

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Tick Tock Goes the Clock

One of the biggest challenges for any athlete is time management. The demands on our athletes with swimming, dry-land, school, homework, medical appointments, family events, social engagements, and vacations, are many and varied, often times stretching athletes thin. Through practicing effective time management skills, you can make your life much less stressful, while empowering yourself to be successful.

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Subscribe to our calendars!

These short videos show you how to subscribe to our team calendars on your Apple or Android devices. When practice changes get automatically pushed to your device, you'll always have the most up-to-date version of our schedule at your fingertips.

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Time Standards

Did I get a cut? Time standards for all of this season's championship meets can be found here on our website.

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Social Media

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Great to see smiling faces of our #BulletsAlumni at college meets.

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