Description: (competitive group) This group is the highest competitive level within the New Fairfield AquaFlyers program. This group will focus on the muscular and physiological development through endurance, strength, speed, and power training. Swimmers will experience intensive workouts and improve personal stroke technique during such workouts through individualized drills. Dryland sessions will be based on exercises for the improvement of kenisiological ability and the prevention of injury. 

Requirements: Athletes must be able to swim all of their practices in his or her entirety without stopping. Swimmers must be able to help promote a team environment and create a positive impact on the training and attitudes or their fellow swimmers. 

Final decision regarding participation will reside with the coaching staff.

Practice Schedule: 6 practices per week. All swimmers are required to attend at least 5 practices per week unless actively participating on a High School Swim Team (swimmers participating on a high school swim team are strongly encouraged to attend at least 2 practices a week during the regular season, however, this is not a requirement). Athletes involved in any other High School Athletic program other than swimming are required to attend 2 practices per week during the season. We ask that the coaching staff is notified in the event of a long-term absence or of a consistent conflict throughout the season.

To view the 2018-19 Short Course Practice Schedule, click here.

Competitive Meets: Swimmers are required to compete in at least 5 competitive meets and regional championships (if he or she qualifies) during the season. During the week prior to a meet, swimmers MUST attend 2 practices to compete in the attending meet.

Important Information for Swimmers Who Swim on High School Swim Teams: Any New Fairfield AquaFlyers swimmer who is on a high school swim team in CT or NY during the AquaFlyer season may have restrictions on the number of practices and meets he/she may participate in. This is because the high school swim coaches and schools follow strict CIAC or NYSPHSAA guidelines. These swimmers should check with their high school coach for direction before registering for meets or participating in clinics & practices with the New Fairfield AquaFlyers.

Attitude: Athletes in the Barracuda group are to represent themselves withe the highest integrity for their team, their sport, and themselves. All swimmers must act as role models in regards to work ethic, sportsmanship, team pride and dedication for all participants within the New Fairfield AquaFlyers Swimming program. All swimmers are expected to be on the deck at the start of their practice and have a positive attitude, respect their coaches and fellow swimmers, act safely, and respect all additional rules outlined in the New Fairfield AquaFlyer Handbook posted on our site.

Please Note: Final decision regarding participation will reside with the coaching staff.

Multi-Swimmer Discount: For families with multiple swimmers, there is a $50 discount on the program fee per additional swimmer after the first swimmer is registered at full price (note: this discount does not apply to a swimmers who swim on a high school team and who register for the abbreviated season).

Swim-A-Thon Discount: The Swim-A-Thon is our largest fundraiser of the year. Our goal is 100% participation. 25% of what your swimmer raises during the Swim-A-Thon goes directly to your swimmer's program fees! For example, if your swimmer raises $400, $100 will go towards your swimmer's program fee (that amount will be credited to your swimmer's next season's program fees).

We encourage all Aquaflyer families to visit the Program Fees page on our website for a detailed explanation on all costs and payments. 

Important Note: Please note that the season is 24 weeks long, however, it averages out to approximately 20 weeks due to pool closures as a result of swim meets, weather, and school closings. We try to make up some canceled classes when we can but there is no guarantee on make-up classes.