Seasonal Programs


Nu Wave Swim Club's Seasonal Programs are referred to as our Technique & Fitness Groups. These groups focus on guiding each swimmer through developmentally appropriate challenges, technical refinement, and competitive opportunities while allowing for a more convenient practice attendance expectation. 

Our seasonal programs fall in line with many other school/rec sport schedules. We offer 10-11 week seasons throughout the year.

Season 1: Fall 2018 (September 4- November 15)

Season 2: Winter 2018 (November 26- February 21)

Season 3: Spring 2019 (March 11- May 23)

Season 4: Summer 2019 (May 28- July 25) 



REGISTRATION FOR SEASON 2 (Winter 2018) Will Open on November 1, 2018



Technique & Fitness Groups

RIPTIDE (Located at Isidore Newman School)

An introductory group of 6-8 year old swimmers who can complete 25 yards of unassisted freestyle with side breathing and 25 yards of unassisted backstroke.


WHITECAPS (Located at Isidore Newman School)

A developmental group of experienced swimmers ages 9-12 years old who can complete at least  25 yards of freestyle with side breathing, 25 yards of backstroke, and have an understanding of skills involved in developing butterfly and breaststroke.


VARSITY (Located at Isidore Newman School and UNO Lakefront Arena)

A group of swimmers age 13-18 who are focused on high school swimming season and events.


SUMMER REC: June-July (Located at Isidore Newman School)


HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING: August-November (Located at UNO Lakefront Arena)