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Practice Policies

Makos Aquatics Club Practice Policies


Swimmer Drop Off Policy:

♦Please drop off no earlier than 10 minutes before practice begins.

♦At the 300 Club, please drop off and pick up at the far end of the lot by the playground.  Your swimmer can than walk through the field and enter the side gate.

♦Do not leave your car idling in the lot and park in the grass field next to the playground.


Swimmer Pick Up Policy:

♦If a swimmer has to get out of practice early, the swimmer should tell their coach at the beginning of practice.

♦If a swimmer needs to use the restroom during practice, the swimmer needs to communicate that with their coach before leaving the practice.

♦Swimmer must be picked up within 10 minutes of the completion of their practice. If you have an emergency and you will be a little late, please communicate this with the coach by phone call, text or call the pool

♦The 300 Club has asked all swimmers be picked up at the far end of the lot next to the playground.  Your swimmer can exit the side gate and walk through the field.

♦Do not park in the main lot of the 300 club or idle your car. 


Parents’ Practice Policy:

♦Parents at the 300 club are asked to watch from the left (patio) side of the pool.

♦Parents are asked not to interrupt coaches during practice time. Please send questions via email or request a time not during practice to meet with the coach.

♦Parents may not swim at the 300 club during practice times unless they are 300 club members.


Siblings at Practice Policy:

♦Parents are asked to keep a close eye on siblings not participating in the swim program.  

♦Siblings may not swim at the 300 club, unless they are 300 Club members.

♦Please keep siblings out of the walkway of the Makos coaching staff.


Locker room Policy:

♦Swimmers are required to do all necessary changing in the provided locker rooms.  NO DECK CHANGING

♦Parents are asked to avoid using the locker rooms when team swimmers are present.  If your child needs assistance in the locker room, you must use the locker room that matches the parent’s gender. If your child needs assistance please consider having them change when they return home.   

♦Children over the age of 4 must use the locker room of the appropriate gender.

♦No use of phones, cameras or other recording devices in the locker rooms.


Photography Policy: 

♦No photos or videos are to be taken during practice time without consent of the coaching staff.

♦No photos are videos are to be taken in the locker rooms.   

♦No photos are to be taken behind the starting area at a swim meet.

♦Parents may refuse the publication of their child’s photo in any Makos materials (flyers, facebook) A form for refusal will be provided.