Meet Job Description: Check-in

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  • Only pencils should be available for swimmers to use to check in, so changes can be made if necessary Sharpies are for swimmers to write events on their hands.


  • Supervise swimmers during check-in. Swimmers do the following:
  • Check in using pencil
  • Initial next to their name
  • Circle event numbers they will swim
  • X and initial event numbers they will not swim
  • May write event numbers on their hands using a Sharpie


  • Swimmers can return to change which events they are swimming, as long as the events have not closed. To do this, they should thoroughly erase their mark, make a new mark, and initial it. (If a swimmer’s mark becomes illegible, make a note next to the swimmer's name, so it can be seen when the event is closed.)


  • Encourage swimmers to make lines in front of the check-in table instead of crowding.


  • Clearly indicate which lines go with which genders and age groups.


  • The current (2010) rules do not penalize a swimmer who fails to show up for an event when he is called to the blocks. He will get to swim the rest of his events; he will not have to return to check-in. However, the missed event does count for any limit on the total number of events.