Meet Job Description: Clerk of Course

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Clerk of the Course

  • Stay in communication with the Computer Operator.  This may be done by walkie talkie if necessary.  The Computer Operator gives instruction of when to close events.


  • Make sure each swimmer who has checked in has both initialed nest to his name and marked each event number with either a circle on an X, and that all Xs have been initialed. If a swimmer has checked in completely, have the announcer call him back to Check-in.


  • If a swimmer wants to make a change before the event is closed, he can. Have him erase the mark on the event number and make a new mark so that it is clear.


  • The Computer Operator will give you scratch lists for each event and closing times for each event. (Papers can be sent up and down by a bucket and rope at Foothill).


  • You may be given relay cards and/or checks. If this happens, send them down to the Desk person.


  • At the end of each session (morning or afternoon), the check-in sheets need to be collected and given to the Desk person to file.


  • Be prepared to answer questions: for example know where the first aid kit is and where lost and found is.


  • The current (2010) rules do not penalize a swimmer who fails to show up for and event when he is called to the blocks.  He will get to swim the rest of his events; he will not have to return to check-in. However, the missed event does count for any limit on the total number of events.