Meet Job Description: Closing an Event

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Closing an Event

Instructions for Clerk and Check-in

Note: It is very important to close events accurately and on time.

  1. At the specified closing time, two people are needed to close the event. This can be the Clerk and a Check-in person, or two Check-In people under the Clerk’s supervision.
  2. One person goes down the column for the event number on the check-in sheets and uses a pen to make a distinctive mark (horizontal line) on each number that has not been marked by a swimmer.
  3. Continue doing this for all the check-in sheets that have this event number. Note: there are event numbers that include multiple age groups, so you may need to look at multiple age groups.
  4. Next, this person goes down the columns looking for either this new horizontal line or the swimmer’s X, and reads the last name of the swimmer
  5. The second person, who has the scratch sheet for the event, reads back the first name that goes with the last name.
  6. When the first person confirms the name, the second person highlights the name on the scratch sheet in yellow. Be especially careful to mark the correct name; there may be swimmers with similar or identical names.
  7. If a name is highlighted when it should not be, scribble out the incorrectly highlighted name.
  8. After this has been done for all the check-in sheets that have this event number, the first person goes back and counts the total scratch marks (the horizontal lines and the Xs), while the second person counts the number of highlighted names on the scratch sheet. These totals must match.
  9. Record the total and the time at the bottom of the last column for the event on the check-in sheets. Also record the total and the time on the scratch sheet and promptly return it to the Computer Operator.
  10. Use a ruler to draw a vertical line through the event column on the check-in sheets. (Placing a line of shiny clear tape down the column is a good idea because it will prevent swimmers from writing on it in pencil.)
  • If closing is not yet completed, a swimmer wants to change his mark on the event, he may do so. If the swimmer wants to swim and his name has already been highlighted, scribble out his highlighted name on the scratch sheet.


  • A swimmer cannot change whether he will swim the event after the scratch sheet has been turned in to the Computer Operator. Explain this to the swimmer.


  • If there are problems, send the swimmer to talk to the Meet Referee.


  • If the swimmer was not scratched but does not want to swim, he may sit on the block when his heat is called and will not have to swim. Failure to do so will result in the swimmer’s being declared a no-show, but there is currently no penalty for this (2010).