Meet Job Description: Concessions

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Concession Stand



Concession Coordinator

The Concession Coordinator will oversee the concession stand. He or she will direct Concession Stand volunteers, will track about how much is sold and make recommendations for future meets. The Coordinator will perform the following functions:

  • You will coordinate with the Treasurer, Service Coordinator and Meet Director about what items will be sold at the concession stand and what will be sold for breakfast and/or lunch. There may be restrictions at Foothill, so please check with the Meet Director about permits.
  • You may need chafer trays and sterno, serving utensils, and insulated hot water/coffee containers (can be rented), and a cooler for yogurt or other perishable items.
  • The following should be included for donation:
    Cup of Noodles Yogurt cups
    Hot Cocoa Gatorade
    Coffee/Tea (see Hospitality) Bottled Water
    Muffins Sodas (diet and regular)
    Bagels and Cream Cheese Candy Bars
    Packaged Chips Granola Bars

  • You will also need napkins, plates, cups, forks and spoons.
  • Setup: You will need to set up a canopy over the snack stand, and have tables (2) for display of items. Cover the table with plastic table cloths. See Hospitality about coffee arrangements!
  • You will maintain a cash box with change in ones, fives, and tens. The Treasurer will periodically check with you to see if more change is needed, or to take out large amounts of cash on hand.
  • The Concessions Coordinator will determine the lunch menu and prices for all items. A volunteer will need to be arranged if pizza is to be ordered and picked up at Costco.
  • Prices of items will be posted on a white board on an easel. Prices may be reduced to increase sales at the end of the meet, or if there are any popular items, find volunteers to get more!
  • Drinks will be kept on ice in buckets. Concession Coordinator will monitor ice and arrange for more as needed.
  • At the end of the meet, store leftover items that are non-perishable, and make sure to hand over the cash box to the Treasurer!


Concession Stand Volunteers

Concession Stand volunteers will operate the booth under the Coordinator’s supervision, under these criteria:

  • Two people must attend the stand at all times.
  • The stand opens when warm-ups begin and closes after the last event.
  • Volunteers need to know the prices of all items and make proper change.
  • They will keep the stand clean and in order during the meet.
  • Volunteers must wear food service gloves when serving food.