Meet Job Description: Head Timer


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Head Timer

  • The Head Timer has two stop watches to start at the beginning of each race.


  • At the beginning of a race, there will be a long whistle, then the starter will say, “Take your Mark,” and the strobe will flash (and the beep will sound). At the long whistle, make sure that both watches are cleared. Start both watches on the strobe.


  • If a Timer forgets to start his or her watch or it doesn’t start, the Timer will try to get your attention or come to you to trade watches. Watch the Timers. If someone is trying to get your attention go to that person and trade watches.


  • If a Timer gives you a stopwatch that is not functioning, get a new watch from the Office.


  • Some referees may want you to time the first swimmer to finish in each heat. Ask beforehand whether they want you to. If they do—and you still have a watch running at the end of the race—time the first swimmer’s finish. This time will rarely be asked for; it is a backup.


  • Timers may ask you for people to replace them; relay these requests to the Announcer.


  • If people come to be replacement Timers, refer them to the lanes that need them.