Meet Job Description: Hospitality

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Hospitality Workers


Hospitality Volunteers will distribute snacks and drinks to coaches, officials, and volunteers during the meet. They will report to the Hospitality Coordinator for specific instructions. In general, hospitality workers will do the following:


  • Make coffee and hot water per Hospitality Coordinator’s instructions; make sure there is enough tea bags, hot cocoa, half and half, sugar and artificial sweeteners on hand.
  • Prepare food wearing food service gloves!
  • Cut fruit and cheese into smaller sizes.
  • Put trail mix and pretzels into small cups.
  • Cut muffins and bagels into quarters prior to serving.
  • Serve bottled water and juice on ice.
  • Put snacks on large trays and serve with napkins and small plates.
  • Load serving cart as directed by the Hospitality Coordinator, and deliver to coaches, officials and volunteers on deck.

     Be careful not to disrupt them while working, wait until acknowledged. Ask if they would like coffee, and remember to bring it to them later.

  • Serve only the coaches, officials, and volunteers! Swimmers and parents may purchase snacks at the snack bar!
  • Carry baskets of prepared snacks to Check-in, Snack Bar, Parking and Computer Operator or any other volunteers not on deck.
  • Help prepare lunches for Coaches and officials, per Hospitality Coordinator’s instructions.
  • Keep preparation and self-service area supplied, clean and in order.
  • Make sure to store perishables in cooler when not in use.