Meet Job Description: Runner

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Meet job descriptions


The Runner delivers and collects papers. Multiple runners will usually accomplish all jobs. Desk and Computer Operator will give instructions, so they report to Desk.  Here is the manner in which the papers are distributed:


Paperwork Distribution Chain

Document Purpose How to Label Where it Goes
Check In Report by Event # (HEAT AND LANE ASSIGNMENT) For each event, informs on Lane and Heat assignments. HIGH PRIORITY (EVENT NUMBER)
Number in PINK for girls races, Number in BLUE for boys’. Make the number large and distinct.
Gets posted on a wall by gender* (2 sets for Foothill—upstairs and downstairs)
Meet Program by Event # (3 copies) Lists Lane, Heat, Name, Age, Team, Seed Time, and Summary Name HIGH PRIORITY
  • REFEREE (Label “R”)
  • COLORADO (Label “C”)
  • ANNOUNCER (Label “A”) (in PINK for girls races, BLUE for boys’)
  • Head Referee
  • Colorado
  • Announcer (under tent)
Event Lane and Heat Assignment Timing Sheets (8) For Lane Timers to record race times for each swimmer HIGH PRIORITY Highlight lane number (PINK for girls’ events, BLUE for boys’) Runners deliver 8 sheets to each Lane Timer
Results by Event # (3 copies) Inform on event results.
(lower priority)
  • AWARDS (in PINK for girls races, BLUE for boys’)
  • Gets posted on result wall by gender*
  • Announcer
  • Awards workers*
Completed papers from Event Retain a record to refer to in case of problem.
(lower priority)
FILE. This has lower priority and is done only after runners have all papers. The computer operator will attach a clothes pin to the stack. Remove clothes pin, staple and file. File box “Meet Results,” by number of event.
*See the Meet Director for locations