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  • Each lane should have three Timers. One Timer will be in charge of the stopwatch, and another will be in charge of the clipboard. Timers should set their cell phone to vibrate or off so they will not disrupt races. At the beginning of each heat all Timers should remain still.
  • Before the start of a heat, the Timer with the clipboard should try to check the name of the swimmer. If this is not possible, try to verify that the swimmer?s cap matches the team listed for the swimmer. For events involving 8-and-under swimmers, particularly 50-meter events, it is very important to check the name of the swimmer. For 50-meter (one pool length) events, you will be at the finish end and should check the swimmer's name, as he or she exits the pool. If a swimmer does not swim, mark off the blank line by the name, so you do not write the next swimmer's time there by mistake. When a Runner gives you papers, check that they have your lane number on them.
  • At the start of each heat, the Timer with the stopwatch should be able to see the strobe. If possible, you should be seated, but you may stand, if necessary. At the start of each heat, there will be a long whistle, then the Starter will say, "Take your mark," and the strobe will flash (and the beep will sound). At the long whistle, make sure that the stopwatch is cleared. Start the stopwatch when the strobe flashes. If the stopwatch does not start, get the attention of the Head Timer to get a new running stopwatch. If necessary, walk to where the Head Starter is, but do so only if you will be back to your lane in time to press a plunger.
  • Make sure you know how long the current race is, how many laps it is and how far your swimmer has gone. When the swimmer is coming back at the END of the race, all Timers for the lane stand up, walk to the edge of the pool, grab plungers and stand so that they can see the wall of the pool. Each Timer may have only one plunger. When any part of the swimmer's body touches the wall, each Timer pushes the button on his or her plunger, and the person with the stopwatch stops the stopwatch.
  • Timers should step back to their seats, and the Timer with the clipboard should record the stopwatch time in the blank next to the swimmer's name. Once the time has been recorded, the timer with the stopwatch can clear it for the start of the next heat.
  • If a replacement Timer is needed, someone should tell the Announcer and the Head Timer. The Announcer usually is seated behind the Starter and Referee.
  • When a replacement arrives, explain the job to your replacement and make sure the person understands the job before you leave.