2019-20 Fall & Winter Team Pricing


Team Pricing For The 2019-2020

  • USA Swimming Fee $77* –will last through the end of the 2020 summer
  • Meet Surcharge $15
  • Team Spirit Wear Fee $17-includes team T shirt and cap
  • Technology Fee-$5 per family per month.
  • We host two meets and for each meet families will be charged a $10 hospitality fee. The first hospitality fee will be billed on October 1st and the second on February 1st (this includes all Group 3 swimmers).

Training Fees-

Families can choose to pay monthly, seasonally (5% discount over the monthly fees) or annually (10% discount over the monthly fees).

These are in addition to the fees listed above

 Group 1 Monthly Payment


Group 1 Fall/Winter Seasonal Payment


Group 1 Annual Payment


Group 2 & G1 Elite Monthly Payment


Group 2* & G1 Elite Fall & Winter Seasonal


Group 2* & G1 Elite Annual


Group 3 Monthly Payment


Group 3 Fall & Winter Seasonal Payment


Group 3 Annual Payment



  • Families will also be charged a $10 hospitality/concession stand fee for each of the two meets we host.  These will be billed on October 1st and February 1st.  This includes all Group 3 swimmers competing with their high school teams.
  • If you choose to pay by the season families will receive a 5% discount over monthly payments.  They will be billed the spring/summer installment on April 1st.
  • If paying for the entire year (fall/winter and spring/summer) families will receive a 10% discount over monthly payments.
  • Group 3 swimmers are not charged for practices attended in November.
  •  Families will pay for the technology fee each month instead of all at once at registration.  This includes Group 3 swimmers even though they may not be practicing with the club during the winter months.
  • Some fees may be pro-rated based on the date a swimmer joins the team.
  • *Group 2 swimmers at the NP satellite choosing the annual or seasonal payments will see reduced amount at checkout due to middle school swimming.
  • Swimmers in their second season (or later) with us will be charged additional training fees each month if they do not compete at least once in that month.  This applies only to the months we offer two meets. Group 1 will pay $10 extra, Group 2 $15, and Group 3 $25.


Minimum Amount Due At Time of Fall & Winter Registration


Group 1


G1 Elite


Group 2


Group 3


  • The minimum amount due is the costs for the 1st swimmer of of each family. Each subsequent swimmer subtract $5 from the above totals.
  • The minimum amount payment includes the first month's training fee, USA Swimming fee, Spirit Wear fee, the first month's Technology fee, and the Meet Surcharge fee. Payment plans may be available to families who show a need for financial assistance.  Please refer all questions to Coach VanDriessche if you believe you need to make different arrangements for payment.
  • *USA Swimming offers an outreach program for athletes who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program. Swimmers who qualify for this program have their USA Swimming membership fee reduced to $5. A letter from the athlete’s school stating they qualify for this service must be turned in prior to a swimmer’s first practice.  Qualifying for this program does not lower training fees.