COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

May 15, 2020
From the USA Swimming Board of Directors

USA Swimming Meet Sanctioning

TO: USA Swimming House of Delegates
CC: Operational Risk Committee, Rules & Regulation Committee

Pursuant to Article 4.7 of the USA Swimming Corporate Bylaws, and in the interest of member safety due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the USA Swimming Board of Directors has taken the following actions related to meet sanctioning, with the advice and consent of the Operational Risk Committee, Rules & Regulation Committee, and legal counsel:

March 17, 2020: To amend Articles 202.2 and 202.3 of the USA Swimming Rules to provide the USA Swimming Board of Directors with management of the meet sanction and approval process, effective immediately through April 30, 2020, without appeal; and to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through April 30, 2020.

This action followed USA Swimming’s strong recommendation that its LSCs and clubs suspend all USA Swimming sanctioned competitions across the country, CDC guidance, and similar action taken by government and industry.

April 14, 2020: To amend Articles 202.2 and 202.3 of the USA Swimming Rules to provide the USA Swimming Board of Directors with management of the meet sanction or approval process, effective immediately through May 31, 2020, without appeal; and to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through May 31, 2020.

This action stemmed from continuing unsafe conditions to compete, as well as LSC representatives seeking national guidance to prevent anyone from acting alone. The action also addressed broad concern that sanctioning meets in May would incentivize bad decision-making locally, including clubs resuming training because of the perceived pressure of preparing for possible competition. The Board action sought to keep a level playing field nationwide and to ensure that our community continues to play a positive role in the nationwide public health effort.

May 14, 2020: To amend Articles 202.2 and 202.3 of the USA Swimming Rules to provide the USA Swimming Board of Directors with management of the meet sanction or approval process, effective immediately through June 30, 2020, without appeal; and to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through June 30, 2020.

This action is intended to be the final prohibition on meet sanctioning (absent an adverse change in circumstances), as clubs and LSCs start to plan their return to the pool. While there are still considerable safety considerations regarding meet sanctioning, including social distancing, travel, and the like, a progressive return to competition is anticipated to begin immediately, with the sanctioning process being returned to LSC control (subject to certain restrictions) in July. 

Bob Vincent, USA Swimming Board Chair

May 15, 2020
From USA Swimming

Return to Competition Roadmap and June Event Sanctions

To: Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs, LSC permanent staff, Club Presidents, Coaches

Over the last several weeks, planning for resuming practices has produced wide-ranging conversations about the role of competition in our return to pools. While the perspectives vary, what is clear is that our clubs and teams are looking for a conceptual plan for competition.

With that, we are sharing the framework of our three-month recommended roadmap for a safer return to competition for our members. This conceptual plan, based on the current health environment, encourages fostering competition in practice in June; the prospect of intra-squad, virtual meets, and small community-based dual meets in July; and regionally based competition in August.

Most importantly, all steps within this progressive strategy require compliance with local, state, and federal public health guidelines.

In support of our recommended approach, and in a continued effort to ensure an even and level playing field among all our LSC’s, the USA Swimming Board of Directors has made the decision to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through June 30, 2020. This action is intended to be the final prohibition on meet sanctioning (absent an adverse change in circumstances). While there are still significant safety considerations regarding meet sanctioning, including social distancing, travel, etc., the Board anticipates returning sanctioning control and discretion to LSC’s (subject to certain restrictions) in July.

The targeted return-to-competition guidelines are further detailed below:

A return to practice, where possible, is our primary focus. When your athletes are ready, we encourage fostering competition in practice, making racing a fun part of your return to the pool plan. Whether you are racing 15 meters, odd distances, or their favorite event, keep it fun and use the opportunity to set positive expectations.

The goal is to return to small competitions such as sanctioned intrasquad meets, virtual meets, and potentially community-based dual meets. These meets may require individual age-groups, limited event orders, and new uses of technology.

USA Swimming staff continues to plan for a regionally based series of non-championship meets in August for athletes at the sectional level and above. We know there are still several challenges to be overcome to make these meets a reality, but as with our LSCs, we must all have a Plan B and a Plan C for competitions this summer.

If your club or LSC would like to work with staff to develop ideas for creating competition opportunities this summer, please reach out to Brendan Hansen,, or Tom Avischious,

In addition to plan developments, many club leaders have reached out regarding insurance implications upon re-opening. Below is an explanation of the impact on the organization’s insurance policy(ies).

There are two key requirements that insurers will seek in order for insurance to apply:

  • Compliance with the most stringent and enforceable re-opening guidelines of your jurisdiction (i.e.: social gathering criteria) and;
  • Continued compliance with USA Swimming guidelines such as coaching certification, safe sport provisions and virtual dryland practice guidelines.

Regarding the legal jurisdiction to follow where competing guidelines may apply, it is important to make a good faith decision of what the club believes is the proper and safe guideline. A local attorney should be consulted if there is ambiguity about which law or governmental authority should be followed.

There are two key insurance coverages provided as part of the USA Swimming membership. These include:

  • General Liability insurance, which is silent on COVID-19. This means that the insurance company will be evaluating coverage on a case by case basis in the event a demand is made against the club from a third party. Other than COVID-19, any other standard claim (such as a slip and fall) should afford coverage.
  • Participant Accident insurance, which provides payment for accidents/injuries above any healthcare costs. For this insurance, COVID-19 is specifically excluded as this is intended to cover for accidents only and not illness.

Should you have additional insurance questions, please reach out to USA Swimming Senior Director of Risk Management Steve Levine at or 720-201-4685.

If you have any questions about sanctions or a return to practice, please email Joel Shinofield,

We encourage you to visit our website often for the most-up-to-date swimming community Coronavirus resources:

We thank you for your continued support.

Together, we will get through this.










May 1, 2020

Mick and Sue Nelson are hosting a Webinar on Monday titled The Then and Now of Pool Operations and Programming Adaptations: it will provide a ton of great information to supplement the return to operations document that was just published, you can register here:


May 1, 2020
From USA Swimming

Link to the Facility Re-Opening Messaging and Planning Document: click here

Link to USA Swimming Community Quarantine Resources webpage: click here

To:      Zone Directors

           LSC General Chairs

           LSC permanent staff

           Club Presidents


As discussed on our calls, the Facility Reopening Plan Guidelines are now available for download at

In addition to the Facility Reopening Plan Guidelines, we have also made the OSHA 3990 Guidelines for COVID-19 and the White House Guidelines for Reopening Economy documents available as well.

It is important to remember that all plans must comply with local, state and federal public health guidelines.

Lastly, as you prepare your plans, we encourage you to take this opportunity to promote water safety in your community, focusing on staying safe around backyard pools and waterfronts while public pools are closed and sharing with officials how your team can contribute to this safety awareness.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Joel Shinofield at


May 1, 2020
From USA Swimming

To:      House of Delegates
           National Committee Chairs
           LSC Convention Delegates
           LSC Permanent Offices
           LSC General Chairs 
Earlier this morning, we received the news below from the United States Aquatics Sports (USAS) regarding their decision to cancel this year’s Convention, scheduled for September 22-27, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida. We support this very difficult decision and agree that this is in the best interest of the health and safety of our members and all those scheduled to attend Convention.
USA Swimming has made the decision to move forward with a virtual Convention for its delegates during this same September timeframe.
This virtual event will include, at a minimum, the House of Delegates meeting, legislative action, and the Board of Directors election. Affected Committees are encouraged to reschedule their meetings to best suit their needs.
Pivoting all planning to this virtual event will begin immediately and we will provide further information as soon as it is available.
Should you have immediate questions, please reach out to Gina Mensay at
Thank you. 
May 1, 2020 
To all United States Aquatics Sports Affiliated Organizations,  As much of the country remains in flux as this devastating COVID-19 global pandemic continues, we have officially made the decision to cancel this year’s USAS Convention, scheduled for September 22-27, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida.  
Many factors have weighed on this decision, namely the overall uncertainty of the circumstances, the likely inability for us to gather safely as a large group or travel across the country, and the effect this ongoing situation has on our ability to plan, coordinate and execute this extensive and interactive in-person assembly.  
We thank you for your understanding and wish everyone and their families continued good health.  
Best regards, 
Bill Smith


April 27, 2020
From USA Swimming


USA Swimming initially pledges a minimum of $1M in grants to support clubs and members within LSCs with the fewest resources, funded by the USA Swimming Foundation.

Clubs will apply for grants directly to USA Swimming through its COVID-19 Relief Program for Teams. USA Swimming will coordinate a two-phased approach to applications:

  • Phase 1: immediate need to clubs in current financial peril
  • Phase 2: for clubs to prepare to re-open later this year and restart our sport at the local level

The strong strategic partnership built between the USA Swimming Foundation, USA Swimming and its 59 LSCs is the catalyst for the success of this program.

USA Swimming will look to LSCs to support its commitment to the sport of swimming by creating local grant funding for their local member clubs. Our collective goal is to generate more than $5M in funding across our 59 LSCs and provide grants to those clubs that successfully apply and are approved based on need.

The grant guidelines and application form can be found here:


USA Swimming will continue to focus its efforts on delivering world-class club services at all levels. This includes one-on-one meetings with clubs, coaches and LSCs, enhanced webinars, leveraging Zoom meetings, and converting existing USA Swimming in-person scheduled events to virtual experiences, while still providing the core content and information as planned. 

During this challenging time, USA Swimming will identify and find new ways to support our athletes, coaches, clubs and all members. New support programs will include, but not be limited to:

  • Providing all uninsured coaches access to USA Swimming’s “EAP” (Employee Assistance Program) to support mental health needs and requests
  • Providing access to Zoom to any club or LSC that currently does not have access to this video communication tool for a minimum of 90 days
  • Providing access to USA Swimming’s 401K provider OneAmerica (based in Indianapolis, IN) for private financial health counseling sessions over the phone
  • Providing referrals to outside legal counsel that can offer guidance to LSCs and clubs, as needed 
  • Providing governance support from Charney & Associates
  • Providing access to our athlete Ambassadors and National Team athletes for individual club virtual “drop-ins” to talk to clubs and athletes
  • Creating and delivering a marketing toolkit to all clubs in anticipation of heading “back to the pool”
  • Providing strategy sessions for clubs to plan for resuming operation


Like many businesses, USA Swimming and its Foundation have suffered significant financial losses within its investment portfolio. Therefore, it will be critical to continue managing our Annual Fund Campaign to support the financial stability and growth of the NGB and its member clubs. We will also continue to communicate with our top donors who support our “Saving Lives and Building Champions” mission, as our National Team requires investment now more than ever following the one-year postponement of the Olympic Games. 

Additionally, we are engaging with our commercial partners on a weekly basis to ensure their continued support of our NGB, while recognizing the challenging business environments each of them face in their own sectors. We will work to find creative solutions to continue these critical relationships throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Finally, as we brainstorm additional ways to support member clubs, we will continue to invest and support Swim-a-Thon as a major national campaign this Fall. Fingers crossed that we are all back in the pool by then, which would make this initiative a significant call to action for swimmers to help their own local clubs financially. USA Swimming commits to not only delivering the same level of national marketing support, promotion and prizes, but will also defer our 5% share in 2020 and 2021 back to our local participating clubs.  


Like all businesses and non-profit organizations, we must start our way forward by reducing all non-essential expenses at home, here in Colorado Springs, which has been underway since early March. The CEO and CFO, in collaboration and with the rest of our Strategy Team and Board of Directors, will continue to identify areas of expense reduction for the organization across all divisions. Nothing is off the table in terms of expense reduction, other than supporting our National Team athletes and member clubs across this great country. 


April 27, 2020
From USA Swimming

To: Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs, LSC Staff, Club Presidents and Coaches 

Dear USA Swimming members,

As we continue to monitor the changes of this global pandemic, assess the lifting of restrictions across the country and prioritize the health and safety of our members, we are also optimistically planning for our return to competition.

Given the varying timelines expected for a return to training, we have made the decision to modify our upcoming events schedule. National events in July and early August, which include USA Swimming Sectionals, Futures and the Speedo Summer Championships, will be canceled in order to refocus our efforts on introducing a new series of summer events better tailored to the current environment.

The introduction of 14-16 regional events in mid to late August would allow for a successful return to pools and training and help kickoff the competition season. 

These regionally focused events will limit the need for travel and promote a safer competition environment for our athletes, families and everyone involved. The approval of these event sanctions will be subject to local health guidelines and directives. We look forward to providing further details in the coming weeks. 

Following the end-of-summer events, we are pleased to announce our tentative 2020-2021 national schedule of events in preparation for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Omaha in 2021:​

Nov. 5-8, 2020

TYR Pro Swim Series at Richmond | Richmond, Va.

Dec. 2-5, 2020

Toyota U.S. Open | Atlanta, Ga.

Dec. 9-12, 2020

Speedo Juniors East | Atlanta, Ga.

Dec. 9-12, 2020

Speedo Juniors West | Austin, Texas

January 13-16,2021

TYR Pro Swim Series at Knoxville | Knoxville, Tenn.

March 3-6, 2021

TYR Pro Swim Series at San Antonio | San Antonio, Texas

April 8-11, 2021

TYR Pro Swim Series at Mission Viejo | Mission Viejo, Calif.

May 12-15, 2021

TYR Pro Swim Series at Indianapolis | Indianapolis, Ind.

June 13-20, 2021

U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming | Omaha, Neb.

Qualifying periods for the national events will be announced later this summer.

There is still much work to do, but we encourage you to remain hopeful. There will be bumps along the road, but rest assured that we will respond swiftly and in the safest and most responsible way.

Someday soon you will all strap on your goggles and walk on the pool deck again, and we absolutely cannot wait.

Wishing you continued good health,

Tim Hinchey III

USA Swimming President & CEO  


April 23, 2020
From USA Swimming

TO:       LSC General Chairs,

             LSC Office Staff

             LSC Officials Chairs

             Zone Directors

             Club Contacts

             Club Presidents

             USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee

In light of the USA Swimming Board of Directors decision to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through May 31, 2020, the Rules & Regulations Committee has received inquiries regarding the requirements to hold certain swim meets.

The USA Swimming Board of Directors has indicated that it will continuously reassess whether to extend the suspension period based on health and governmental authorities’ information. At the present time, it is impossible to predict when sanctioning and competition will resume. Moreover, in the present circumstances, it is impractical to schedule, plan and run the meet(s) as dictated by the rules. Given the uncertainty, the inability to conduct the required meet(s) remains beyond the control of the Zones, LSCs and member clubs. Accordingly, in 2020, USA Swimming, Zones, LSCs and member clubs are not expected to conduct a meet as would have been required by the following rules:

1.  Rule 204.9.6 (requiring Sectional meets to be conducted in the Spring and Summer);

2.  Rule 204.10.1 (requiring that Futures meets be conducted in the summer);

3.  Rule 205.6 (requiring each Zone to conduct at least one age group championship annually);

4.  Rule 205.8.2 (requiring LSCs to conduct two Age Group championship meets annually); and

5.  Rule 206.1 (requiring USA Swimming to conduct Championships meets annually).

USA Swimming continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide guidance on this and other topics on a rolling forward basis.

Clark Hammond
Chair, Rules & Regulations Committee



The following Championship meets have been canceled:

2020 Long Course South Texas Age Group Championship (STAGS)
2020 Long Course STX Championship (formally Jr STAGS)
2020 Southern Zones Age Group Championship
2020 Southern Zones Senior Championship

April 17, 2020
From USA Swimming

To: Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs, Committee Chairs, Club Presidents and Coaches 
Five New Resources From USA Swimming
Zoom (, an enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content, has become one of the most prominent virtual tools during the Coronavirus crisis. For many members, the program has helped facilitate continued athlete engagement, virtual training and business continuity.
Beginning today, we have secured ‘Enterprise’ licenses, which provide the greatest number of features, for USA Swimming clubs for a 90-day period. Access requests should be sent to Paula D’Amico at
In addition to the one Enterprise license per club, we also encourage you to register for free Basic accounts as needed.
USA Swimming Employee Assistance Program (EAP) mental health services for Coaches
During the COVID-19 pandemic coaches can now utilize the online/phone USA Swimming Employee Assistance Program (EAP) mental health services. The program provides health and wellness information as well as online resources and assistance for concerns such as: coping with Stress and Anxiety, Financial Fitness, Managing Work and Career, Parenting Resources, Older Adult Resources, Mental Health Conditions, Overcoming Depression and Grief, Relationship Resources and more.
Members can now watch The Last Gold free of charge. This documentary film was produced by USA Swimming in 2016.
Narrated by Emmy-winner Julianna Margulies, The Last Gold is a feature-length documentary film that reveals one of the greatest untold stories in Olympic swimming history. Forty years ago, at the 1976 Montreal Games, a team of doped East German athletes thrashed their rivals from the United States, until a remarkable final race.
The central player was a transcendent American athlete denied her due and since lost in time: Shirley Babashoff. Babashoff and her teammates were surrogates in a Cold War struggle, who battled a tragic conspiracy with a blazing honesty and a ferocious, endless tenacity. In 1976, the U.S. Olympic swim team entered the Games in Montreal looking forward to its usual dominance. The men did not disappoint, delivering the most dominant performance in Olympic swimming history. They won every race but one, and in that race won the silver and bronze medals.
For the women, it was a completely different story. They were overwhelmed by an East German machine that had emerged on the world stage leading up to the Games with frighteningly fast performances. In a competition where 15 American records were set, the U.S. women had only four silver medals and one bronze medal to show for it. After an entire competition of disappointing results, winning no races and facing a critical media that heaped on additional pressure, the U.S. women finally came together to do as a team what they could not do individually. It was the final race when four women stepped to the blocks in an attempt to do what nobody thought possible... win The Last Gold.
The movie can be viewed by visiting:
password: lastgold2016
Traditionally, #Swimbiz is an annual marketing conference that emphasizes social media, advertising, branding, communications, sponsorship and local promotions for teams.
Subject matter experts are now being scheduled to deliver virtual seminars for club leaders and coaches. Beginning April 27, these presentations will be made available via the Swimming Community Coronavirus Resources page on usaswimming.org
We have worked with OneAmerica, one of USA Swimming’s financial services providers, to offer education and resources to help you navigate the days ahead. Whether you are looking for more information on budgeting, dealing with market volatility, or if you would be interested in connecting with a financial advisor, please visit:



Below is the approved Proposal that will go into effect immediately to help out any USA Swimming member team in the South Texas LSC that needs financial assistance. Please read carefully before requesting assistance.

Governance Committee Proposal – Amended and Passed by BOD

South Texas Swimming will rebate South Texas USA Swimming member clubs based on their athlete and coach membership numbers with USA Swimming as of March 16, 2020 plus $25 ($20.00 per registered premium year-round members, $10 for registered Flex-members, $2 for registered Outreach members, $15 for Coach members of USA Swimming, Inc).  Unattached members are not eligible. Clubs can request this payment by sending an email to the LSC (or completing a form, if utilized) and indicating the payment details (payee and mailing address). Generally, South Texas Swimming USA Swimming Member clubs must apply for assistance based on club code, not on individual sites.  Multi-site/multi-organization clubs must manage the apportionment of application, assistance and payment internally.  With guidance from the Finance Committee, the South Texas Swimming Treasurer will make reasonable accommodations (e.g. mailing separate checks) where practical. The deadline to apply for this rebate is July 31, 2020. For teams receiving assistance who have balance due accounts with STSI, the assistance will first be applied to their open balance, and the remainder distributed to the team. All clubs receiving a rebate must complete at least sections 1, 3, and 4 of the requirements for the club's Safe Sport certification by August 1, 2020 and provide documentation of completion. Any club that fails to do so will be required to REPAY the total assistance amount prior to renewing registration of club, coaches, or athletes for 2021.

Require that all applying clubs certify the following in writing:

1.     The club intends to remain in operation with a similar size program in 2020-2021 season (registration in Fall 2020).
2.     The funds will be used to retain staff and facilities to support future USA-S programming.
3.     The club must provide acknowledgment that they APPLIED for (or are ineligible for) the U.S. Small Business Administration  Paycheck Protection Program assistance from the Government.  A copy of their financials or their application is NOT required, but rather some acknowledgement. 
Use the google form link to apply for assistance:
Any questions please contact the South Texas Office.

April 16, 2020

From USA Swimming

To: Local Swimming Committees

We hope this communication finds you and yours safe and healthy.

We commend all our leaders across the sport for their hard work and dedication over the last several weeks in finding ways to stay connected and engaged with our members. We are hopeful that the additional tools and resources provided by USA Swimming have assisted in your ongoing efforts and we welcome your feedback or requests for additional materials.

While we are cautiously planning for our eventual return to pools, we are also acutely aware of the current environment and the ongoing safety measures still in place in many jurisdictions across the country. In an effort to ensure that our community continues to play a positive role in this nationwide public health effort, and to ensure an even and level playing field among all our LSC’s, the USA Swimming Board of Directors has made the decision to revoke all existing USA Swimming sanctions and suspend granting sanctions through May 31, 2020. Prior to the end of May 2020, the Board will evaluate whether to extend the suspension period. This will be continuously reassessed based on health and governmental authorities’ information.

As previously communicated, LSC’s should take appropriate steps to reevaluate their sanction processes and adjust them as needed to limit foreseeable penalties for late or delayed sanctioning applications.

We encourage you to visit our website often for the most-up-to-date swimming community Coronavirus resources: 

Should you have any questions, please direct them to USA Swimming Managing Director of Sport Development Joel Shinofield –

We remain committed to doing what is best for the health and wellness of each of our members and the sustained long-term success of our sport.

Bob Vincent, USA Swimming Board of Directors
Tim Hinchey, USA Swimming President & CEO

April 14, 2020
From the ST Board of Directors


South Texas Swimming expects all member clubs to abide by all guidelines and orders published by the authorities in their respective jurisdictions (city, county, state and national).  


To our USA Swimming Member Clubs:

Our staff continues to work with our insurer on covered activities, and they have agreed to provide insurance for the following covered remote dryland activity.

Policy Purpose: The USA Swimming Operational Risk Team has advocated for accommodations relative to Dry Land training to help club leadership and coaches maintain training regimens during periods of public facility closure. The key modification to the program is the addition of virtual dryland training included in the definition of ‘Covered Activities’ under the participant accident insurance program.

Insurance applicability: The updated verbiage going into effect reads as follows (Bolding added for emphasis):


Covered activities include Virtual dryland training/instruction under the direct supervision of a USA Swimming member coach. The training must involve live online streaming/real-time instruction or training via the internet. The instructor should be able to communicate visually and verbally with the participants at all times during instruction. Coverage does not extend to recorded videos/sessions where there is no live or real-time interaction, and the recordings are accessible by someone other than your clients/members.

Required Protocol:

·     Members: Only registered USA Swimming members may participate in the training

·     Supervision ratio: The Coach/Instructor to athlete ratio shall be no greater than 1:8 (1 coach per 8 athletes)

·     Recommended exercise: Training shall consist primarily of body weight or light resistance exercises

·     Spatial limitations: Coach shall ensure the athlete is in an open space free from obstruction prior to training.

·     Content: All content must be professional in nature.

·     Timing of training: All video training must take place between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and may not take place on a social media platform. (You may use Zoom, Google, Skype, etc.)

·     Parent/3 rd party Adult involvement: If there is only one minor athlete and coach conducting the training, the minor’s legal guardian must be present and able to observe the training and video.

·     For any group setting, at least one other adult, in addition to the coach, must be present and able to view the video activity during the training session.

·     The parents should sign a release for at home dryland training. 

Additional questions? Please contact Steve Levine on our Risk Management team. 720.201.4685

For questions regarding Sport Development, please contact Joel Shinofield,, 719.216.3045

For those of you looking to conduct other types of training, not covered by this policy, we recommend that you seek local counsel to develop waivers/disclaimers or explore other insurance options through local agents that suit your needs.

Attached you’ll find a link to the a guide to the Coronavirus aid, relief, and economic security act. We wanted to share this with you as quickly as possible. Please share this with your teams as well. Talk to you next week!


Hello all South Texas Swimming Teams and Coaches,
The South Texas Swimming Board of Directors and Governance Committee would like you to take a minute and complete the following Google Form to help us get a better feel for what situation the South Texas LSC members are in and how we could help.  Please share this link with other members of your organization that might have additional information for us.
We appreciation your time and we hope you are staying safe.
Thank you
STX BOD and Governance Committee

The South Texas board of directors just held a special meeting March 24th to discuss how best to support swimming in this challenging time. The top priority is safety for everyone. Second, is doing everything possible to support our teams, coaches, swimmers and officials. Third, we are looking at how to support a rapid and efficient restart once this crisis is over. 
Given our diversity in team size, business organization and geography there is no one size fits all answer. In addition, there are still a lot of external, out of our control, variables making any kind of timeline impossible at this point. However, the board is proactively pursuing ways to support all our members with the following steps.
1) The board has asked the governance committee to gather feedback first from a questionnaire and then followed up by emails or phone calls to compile a list of the the most pressing concerns.
2) The board is providing 5 attachments, contact information, notes and links in this email for clubs and coaches in an effort to get the correct information that you may need into your hands as quickly as possible.

3) Thinking ahead, the board is already considering a start-up stimulus plan to help the South Texas LSC members get up and running and back to business as usual as quickly as possible once we are out of this crisis.

Below are the notes, links and attachments

John Riojas

Texas Workforce Commission

Unemployment Insurance Field Specialist

210-258-6640 office

210-355-7931 Cell

512- 322-2858 – Fax ATTN: John Riojas

General guidelines:
The current unemployment benefit is $521/wk max down to $69/wk min.
There is a one week delay on payment of the first benefit which must be requested after an application is approved.
Claims made prior to April 1 use data from each teams' employment filings in the state of Texas from Oct. 1, 2018 - Sept. 1, 2019.
Claims made as of April 1, 2020 will use all of 2019 employment data filed with the state of Texas.
In general John felt it is was best for each individual to file their own application. 
Teams with a large number of employees could do a mass claim. An employer is supposed to submit the Mass Claims Request at least five working days before the layoff.
Handbook and Job-dislocation attachments are from Amber Warne

Director of Upskilling and Advancement

Workforce Solutions Capital Area

9001 N IH 35, Ste 110E | Austin, TX | 78753

512.597.7142 Direct | 520.339.1779 Cell | 512.719.4709 Fax

ASCA Coronavirus Resources Link

We have continued to update our Coronavirus Resources for Coaches Page, the newest additions include;

Chris Kjeldsen

South Texas LSC General Chair


Message from Brendan Hansen - USA Swimming Director of Team Services

Hi Everyone
 I have spoke to many of you over the last 3-4 days and it definitely a situation many of us have ever seen or dealt with. As I mentioned to most of you, attached is an information document that you can share with your clubs and coaches.

The document is divided into five sections: 

  1. Federal Resources concerning the Coronavirus.
  2. State Resources concerning the Coronavirus. These generally link to a state’s Department of Health Coronavirus website.
  3. USA Swimming Coronavirus website link.
  4. State Business Resources. This section contains general business links to states business resources such as the Small Business Development Centers or a link to the state’s Small Business Administration. This section may give teams an idea of additional places to look for general business support.
  5. General Business Resources. This includes two links to general business resources.

If you know of any other website resources please let me know so we can share with each other. Similar documents are being sent to all the General Chairs and LSC Offices in the other zones. We most likely will also have a link to this document in the upcoming Coaches Connectionnewsletter which should be coming out next week.

For those of you that I haven’t been able to connect with, lets get on the phone! I appreciate all that you do for swimming and its community.




Brendan Hansen 

Director of Team Services


1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5780

m: 719-440-0749




Southern Zone States Small Business Relief

To all South Texas LSC Members,
You should have already received the below email from USA Swimming but I am forwarding the email to you just in case and clarifying the South Texas LSC position at this time. 
The South Texas LSC will follow the USAS directive to cancel USAS events, camps, conferences, or any occasion that requires individuals to travel and gather for the next 30 days. 
The South Texas LSC will follow the strong recommendation from USAS to cancel sanctioned swim meets through April 11th. The recommendation currently affects only sanctioned swim meets.
Each swim club is to follow their city or local jurisdiction rules and/or protocols with regard to daily operations.

Chris Kjeldsen

South Texas LSC General Chair


Dear USA Swimming Members, 

Over the course of the last seven days, let alone the last 24 hours, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted unprecedented changes within the world of sport.

Our leadership team has been meeting daily to discuss the most up-to-date information and the associated effects on our membership.

In prioritizing the health and wellness of all our members, as of March 12, USA Swimming has made the decision to suspend all our events, camps, conferences, or any occasion that requires individuals to travel and gather for the next 30 days.

We also strongly recommend that our Local Swimming Committees (LSC) and clubs suspend all USA Swimming sanctioned competitions across the country for the next 30 days.

Further information about the TYR Pro Swim Series at Mission Viejo, an officially approved FINA qualifying competition for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, will be shared within the next few days.

We continue to stress the importance of preventing the spread of infection and share the following information being circulated by healthcare officials:

  1. Avoid getting closer than six feet to anyone coughing or sneezing; 
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer that has 60-95% alcohol. This is especially important after going to the bathroom, before eating, or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing;
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; 
  4. Cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash, and then wash your hands;
  5. Stay home if you are sick, and away from the pool and from fellow team members;
  6. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces regularly;
  7. Monitor the WHO and CDC websites for travel advisories and follow their recommendations.

Everyone is encouraged to seek further information using the CDC and the WHO websites:

Questions or personal concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) should be directed to your local healthcare provider.

This remains a dynamic situation and we will update our decisions and recommendations on a regular basis.

Please share the above with your members. 

USA Swimming