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School Swim Programs

School Swim and Race Program

At Island Swimming, we provide quality coaching and assist local schools in offering a school swim program that promotes a healthy lifestyle in a fun but challenging atmosphere.

Allow us to prepare your students for the annual Elementary/Middle School Championship Swim Meet.  Watch them enjoy a sense of school pride as we introduce them to the exciting world of competitive swimming.

Where are we located?

Currently, we only offer the school program at Commonwealth Pool and Juan de Fuca. However, we plan to expand this to include the Panorama Pool in Brentwood and possibly Sooke Seaparc depending on interest and registration numbers. 

Who can take part in this program?

All public and private Elementary and Middle schools on Southern Vancouver Island are invited to apply for this program. 

  • For safety reasons, we suggest students have a minimum of Swim Kids Level 6 or be able to complete one length of the 25 metre pool. However, we leave it up to each school to decide the minimum age or grade level for their swim team. 

What is required from the school?

~Each school is required to provide at least one teacher or sponsor who must attend all practices. A teacher from each school must also be prepared to attend all swim meets and supervise their student swimmers.


~Schools should have volunteers to assist with transporting students and to help out on deck during swim practices as required.


~Estimated registration numbers need to be provided prior to starting the program and should be finalized by the third swim practice.


~Schools are required to submit their own entries for the school swim meets.


~Program costs are the responsibility of the school.  Please enquire for fees at your preferred pool.


~A Team Roster must be brought to the first practice and should also be submitted by email to; adminoffice@islandswimming.com  

When does the school program run?

All public and private Elementary and Middle schools on Southern Vancouver Island are invited to apply for this program can start as early as November and runs through to the beginning of March.  We recommend that school start no later than the middle of November to allow 12-14 practice sessions. Schools are asked to indicate their preferred weeks on the registration form.

2017-18 School Swim and Race Program Package (PDF)

2017-18 School Swim and Race Program Registration Form (PDF)

Sample Student Registration Form (This is a sample form that the school can use, Island Swimming does NOT require a copy of this form.) 

Swim Competitions...

Stand Up and Race Meet

Event Date: Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Entry Deadline: Friday, January 12th, 2018 @6pm

2018 Stand Up and Race: Meet Package

2018 Stand Up and Race: Meet Entry Form

2018 Stand Up and Race: Heat Sheet & Warm Up Lanes

Stand Up and Race Results 2016-2017 

*New* Stand Up and Race Resluts 2017-2018 *NEW*

Victoria Elementary and Middle School Preliminary Meets

Qualifying meet for non-competitive swimmers Date: Monday February 19 & Wednesday February 21, 2018

Entry Deadline: Tusesday February 13, 2018

2018 Preliminary Meet Package and Meet Entry Form


Monday February 19th 2018 Results   *NEW*  Wednesday February 21st 2018 Results


Victoria Elementary and Middle School Championships

 Event Date: Sunday, February 25, 2018

Entry Deadline: Thursday February 22, 2018

2018 Championship Meet Package and Meet Entry Form


2018 Championship Meet Results


For more information on any of our school swim programs or meets please contact Tannaz Hosseini at tannaz@islandswimming.com