2018-2019 Season

All registration is done online at

Two Week Trial 
TRAC offers a 2 week trial for all new families. If you know a swimmer that is interested in trying TRAC but is not 100% sure they want to join, they may come free of charge to check out TRAC.
Swimmers will still need to complete an online registration
form HEREPlease note this option is only available to new to TRAC families.

Referral Fee
If a new family joins TRAC and lists you as a referral we will credit your TRAC account $50 / family.  

TRAC Fees 
USA Registration Fee
Each swimmer must become a member of United States & Indiana Swimming to participate with any swim team. This fee is paid at registration annually. At this time, the annual fee is $65 (subject to change)

Registration Fee
A registration fee of $100 is due at the time of registration for each season. You can only pay registration fees with a credit card or ACH.

Membership Fees
Fees are paid monthly based on training groups.  Your monthly invoice will be due on 10th of each month. and can be paid with a credit card or ACH. If you choose credit card, your account will be billed the credit card convenience fee. We are encouraging families to use ACH to pay your monthly bills.  

Year Round swimmers will be billed Oct – Aug – 11 months
Fall Season Swimmers will be billed Oct - April  - 7 months
Spring Season Swimmers will be billed May-June  – 2 months
Summer Season Swimmers will be billed July-Aug – 2 months

Fall season swimmers will have the option to register for our Spring and/or Summer seasons at a later date.

Training Group Year Round Price Fall Only Price Spring Only Price Summer Only Price
Bronze $665 $576 $222 N/A
Silver $1000 $804 $198 $198
Gold $1110 $900 $216 $216
Platinum  $1220 $936 $264 $264
Platinum HS $990 $744 $204 $240

Swim School

We will be offering swim school this session, starting September. Winter session will start January. Spring session is TBD. Pricing is as follows:
Year round swim school: $400 plus $100.00 registration fee 
Fall (Session 1): $200 plus $100.00 registration fee 
Winter (Session 2): $200 plus $100.00 registration fee
Spring (Session 3): TBD

Volunteer Commitments
Meet Volunteering
Each family is required to work 4 sessions at our fall/winter home meets.
Families who do not meet this requirement will be billed $100 per session. This requirement stands even if your swimmer chooses to not participate in the meet. 

Team Building and Administrative Volunteering
Each family is required to commit 6 hours outside of meet volunteering to team building and administrative volunteering.  

Fundraising Commitment
TRAC is a parent run organization.  Your family will be responsible to raise a minimum of $60 per swimmer per year.  This is an annual commitment and will not be prorated should you leave the team. Fundraising opportunities include sponsorships, meet program advertising, and other scheduled fundraisers.

Equipment –
Swim Suit – all groups
All swimmers are expected to have a team suit, ordered online through Making Waves. Team suits should be worn at all regular meets. TRAC will also have a tech suit available for purchase for swimmers wanting it for championship meets. Practice suits can be any color.

Goggles and caps- all groups
Swimmers may not wear other team caps (high schools, summer clubs etc... - just turn them inside out) during practices or meets. Generic designs and TRAC caps are both acceptable for practices.  We ask all swimmers to wear TRAC caps during meets.  You can order caps online during the registration process.  

Water bottle - all groups

Fins– all groups
We will have an online store available to purchase equipment. There will be direct link on our website under equipment.

Short fins or Zoomers - Platinum
There will be a direct link on our website under equipment.

Paddles – Gold and Platinum
There will be direct link on our website under equipment.

Parachute - Gold and Platinum
There will be direct link on our website under equipment.

Equipment bags - optional for all groups
Some swimmers like to keep their equipment in a bag on deck. There will be direct link on our website under equipment.

Tennis Shoes, Shorts and Shirt – Silver, Gold and Platinum
Swimmers should bring these items for days when we have dryland training. Swim Suits are not acceptable attire for dryland. Swimmers MUST have tennis shoes.

Dryland Bands – optional for Silver, Gold, Platinum
You can buy the recommended bands online through our equipment page.


Items needed before your swimmer can practice
Completed Registration
Copy of a birth certificate - email to



Swim School
Swim School is designed to offer beginning swimmers a program that is welcoming, mechanically sound, and fun. For our swimmers enrolled in the Swim school we offer a fall, winter and spring session (TBD) and each run for approximately 10-weeks. Practices are offered 2x a week for 45 mins. Swimmers will be encouraged to swim the TRAC hosted meets.
Swim School Requirements
Minimum age – 4
Swimmers must be able to swim 1 lap on stomach without stopping to participate in swim school.

Bronze Group
From swim school, athletes move into the Bronze group.  Swimmers in Bronze group will practice 4 times per week for 1 hour.  Swimmers should plan to attend 3-4 practices each week.  Athletes in this group will focus on continued stroke work, especially consistency; learning drills and having fun!.  They will also begin working on flip turns and pull outs. Swimmers will swim in TRAC hosted meets.

Silver Group
From bronze, athletes move into the silver group. Swimmers in the silver group will practice M-F for 1 hour and 15 mins and for 1 hour and 30 mins on Sat as well as two sessions of dryland each week. Swimmers should plan to attend a minimum of 3-4 practices each week.

Silver focuses on mastering proper stroke mechanics and fostering a positive team aspect in the sport of swimming, Swimmers will begin to develop a competitive strategy. Swimmers in this group should aim to obtain state or divisional cuts. Goal setting and dryland will also be introduced in this group.

Swimmers are expected to attend all required meets designated for the Silver group. This includes but is not limited to hosted TRAC meets, travel meets, and Long Course meets. The meet goal for this group is 1 meet per month. Swimmers should also plan to compete in any championship meets in which they qualify.

This group focuses on:
Mastering endurance in all 4 strokes
Learning how to use the pace clock to do “sets” on a certain time during practices
Mastering drills in all 4 strokes to further improve technique
Mastering flip-turns and stroke turns for each stroke as well as IM transitions

Silver Group Requirements 
Swimmers age 8 or younger by coach invite only
Swimmers should have a strong knowledge of all strokes before joining Silver. Swimmers should have experience with TRAC Bronze group in 2017-2018, summer swim teams or the equivalent.

Gold Group
Gold Group swimmers will practice 1 hour and 30 mins 6 x a week plus 2 times a week dryland practice. Morning practices are also offered for this training group. Swimmers are encouraged to commit to swimming and should plan to attend a minimum of 4 practices a week. The goal of this age group program is to foster a love of the sport within their swimmers and to develop the work ethic that is needed to progress in the sport of swimming. Swimmers are expected to attend all required meets designated for the Gold group. This includes but is not limited to hosted TRAC meets, travel meets, Long Course meets and championship meets. Swimmers should plan for a minimum of 1 meet each month.

This group focuses on:
Expert stroke technique and analysis
Mastering drills and endurance in all four strokes
Goal Setting
Race Strategy
Increased focus on accountability

Platinum Group
The goal of the Platinum group is for these swimmers to achieve at the highest level of competition.  Swimmers in the Platinum group will practice 2 hours, 6 days a week and 2 sessions of dryland. Morning practices are also offered for platinum group. Athletes in the platinum group should take personal accountability/responsibility in regards to swimming areas - this includes (but is not limited to) goal setting, nutrition, proper sleep habits, practice attendance, etc. 

Swimmers in platinum have a high level of commitment to meet attendance. Swimmers should plan to attend all meets designated for Platinum including but not limited to hosted TRAC meets, travel meets, Long course meets and any championship meets in which swimmers qualifies. 

Platinum HS
This is the same as the regular platinum group except there is a limit of 2 practices per week.


Practice Times - TBD

Dryland for Platinum will be every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY 30 min prior to practice.
Dryland for Silver and Gold will be every TUESDAY and THURSDAY 30 min prior to practice.