Off-Season Swim



We made it to 2021! You might be starting to think about summer swim - if only because it's starting to get pretty cold and we like to think of warmer days - but you would be getting a little bit ahead of yourself because something comes before summer swim: Session Two of Off-Season Swim! Despite the bitter cold temperatures and the winds that make things worse, we have a once-a-week program to get your swimmers back in the water and gear up for a great summer season. Now is your chance to get signed up to join us beginning on March 7th.

First things first: We know that you want your swimmers to be safe - and that is very important to us as well. BUT we also know that it's important to many of our swimmers to spend some time in the pool - even during the off season. And so, as we offer the Off-Season swim program this year, know that we are following in the footsteps (and protocols) of the year-round programs, like NCAP, OCCS, Riptide, and Swim Kids/Stealth, all of which have safely resumed training and competing. (By the way, all four programs are sponsors, so we like them).

As we return to Central Park Aquatics Center for this off season, know that all safety precautions are being taken and all efforts are being made to minimize risk for our swimmers and families. Of course, this means that things will be a little different than previous years - beginning with the late start - but one thing remains the same: The kids are gonna love it!

That's why we have the BWaves OffSeason swim program. And this year, we can't wait to welcome your swimmers back to the pool. So here are the details.

BASIC ($150): One practice a week Sundays, 4:45pm - 5:45pm (approximately 11 practices). Off-Season Swim will convene on Sundays, 4:45pm-5:45pm @ CPAC, beginning on March 7th. Session Two will run straight through to May 23rd, which should be right around the time summer swim takes over. (NOTE: We will have a NO-SWIM day on March 14th. This is a total of 11 weeks and we will plan to have a practice on each of those weeks, but there is always the possibility that a year-round meet may take over the facility).

Prerequisites include: participation on a swim team (Guppies included), ability to to independently swim 25 meters on their stomach and 25 meters on their back. At this time, we are only accepting swimmers who can swim independently. We will not have any coaches in the water with the swimmers..Yes, the Shaw pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep, but we really need our swimmers to be confident and capable of being safely independent in the water. 

Participation in the BASIC Off-Season Swim program for all 11 Sundays is: $150.00. We have opened up registration online this year so we can best plan for our swimmers and be ready to go on day one. If you pay with plastic, there will be a 4% transaction fee. Checks should be made payable to “Bridlewaves Swim Team”; cash (in US denominations only) should be handed over calmly. This fee is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: We need a minimum of twenty (20) swimmers enrolled. If we do not reach 20 swimmers by noon on March 4th, we may be forced to cancel the session and your money (if collected) will be refunded. Please do not let this happen. Sign up and tell your neighbors, friends, etc. - even from other swim teams - to sign up, too.

But what happened to Basic Plus?

Thanks to our partnership with Occoquan Swimming and OCCS Swim Academy, we have been able to offer an option for extra practices throughout the sessions during the last couple years. Unfortunately, due to changes in attendance protocols and all that jazz, we cannot offer this as a supplement to our program. However, the swim academy is open for business and you can check out their offerings at (and if you let them know you’re with us, you may get a bit of a discount). 

Please send an email to [email protected] to let us know if you plan to have swimmers in the program (or if you have any questions) so we can be sure to have enough coaches.


Reach out to all your friends and tell them to sign up, too!