Off-Season Swim

Session One (9/16-12/16) Program Options

It's that time of year again. The time when Summer is sadly just a memory and our swimmers find other things to do with their time. Things like school, homework, and even other sports (*GASP*).

Well, those things are important - we know that. (Really, we do). BUT we also know that it's important to many of our swimmers to spend some time in the pool - even during the off season. Now, you may not want to commit to a big year-round program, like NCAP or OCCS, or even a smaller program, like Riptide or Swim Kids/Stealth. (By the way, all four programs are sponsors, so we like them). Sometimes the times don't line up or the commitment is too intense or the price is too high. We understand. That's why we have the BWaves Off-Season swim program. And this year, there are options.

BASIC ($125): One practice a week Sundays, 5:00pm - 6:00pm (13 practices) No Swim: 11/25

Off-Season Swim will convene on Sundays, 5:00-6:00pm @ CPAC, beginning on September 16th. Session One (Fall/Winter) will run through December 16th with a no-swim date on November 25th for a total of 13 practices. (FYI - Session Two will run from Jan 20th through May 19th, but more on that when the time comes).

Pre-requisites include: participation on a swim team (Guppies included), ability to swim at least 10 meters independently (any stroke or fashion), and willingness to stay focused and follow directions.

Participation in the BASIC Off-Season Swim program for all 13 Sundays is: $125.00. Checks should be made payable to “Bridlewaves Swim Team”; cash (in US denominations only) should be handed over calmly. This fee is non-refundable.


BASIC PLUS ($225): “Basic” practices on Sundays plus one practice a week 5:00pm -5:45pm with OCCS Swim Academy during October and November.

Thanks to our partnership with Occoquan Swimming and OCCS Swim Academy, we are pleased to offer an option for extra practices throughout the session. If you would like some extra pool time for your swimmer and a chance for them to get legal in all four strokes so they are 100% prepared for the 2019 Summer Swim season, have we got an opportunity for you. During the months of October and November, you can add an extra practice, which will be run by the OCCS Swim Academy staff. These practices are offered on Monday through Thursday afternoons from 5:00-5:45pm at CPAC. With this option, you will be able to pick one afternoon a week and get that extra attention and training for your swimmer.

NOTE: We encourage everyone to choose Thursday afternoons to make that a “BWaves day” and help ensure there will be some familiar faces in the pool. If Thursday doesn't work, that’s fine, too. Pick another day (and maybe convince a friend or two to join you on that day) but you do need to pick a specific day and stick with it.

So, I know what you’re thinking. “Is this included for free?” Well, no. But it is significantly discounted. You can take advantage of these eight extra practices (a $170.00 value) for our special rate of $100.00. (This fee is for one afternoon a week and it is also non-refundable).

So those are the options, here are a few more details:

All practices will be held at: Central Park Aquatic Center (10371 Central Park Drive, Manassas, VA 20110)

Each swimmer will need to have a Registration Form and a Medical Form on file to participate (one per family is fine). Please print out the following forms and turn them in with your payment.

We will be accepting registrations by mail (Bridlewaves Swim Team, 9000 Mike Garcia Drive, PMB 124, Manassas, VA 20109) and offering on-deck registration beginning at 4:30pm on September 16th at CPAC. NOTE: Because we are coordinating with OCCS Swim Academy, the deadline to add the BASIC PLUS practices for session one is: Wednesday, September 26th. You can join the BASIC program at any time during the session.

Please send an email to board@bwaves.org to let us know if you plan to have swimmers in the program (or if you have any questions) so we can be sure to have enough coaches.


Reach out to all your friends and tell them to sign up, too!