New Swimmer Registration

New Swimmer Tryouts and Registration Night

TRY OUTS: MONDAY JULY 29, 2019 ~ 5:30-6:30 PM!

Who:  All swimmers ages 4 years and older that have an interest in year round swimming are welcome to attend. Swimmers should be able to strongly attempt one length of the pool freestyle and backstroke and be safe in the water to attend the try out.

What:  Your swimmers will be assessed by a member of our coaching staff in a gentle and fun way. Swimmers will be asked to begin with lengths of kicking, followed by freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers who are able will be given an opportunity to attempt the other competitive strokes, a racing start and flip turn if applicable. Your child will be assessed for their comfort level in the water, stroke knowledge and ability to listen to and follow directions in the pool setting. We make every effort to make it a fun experience for everyone!

While your swimmer is having fun in the pool, parents can join a Q&A session with our head coach where he will explain a little about our program and answer any questions you may have. Registration for tryouts is not necessary, but helpful. If you plan to attend one of our open tryouts, please email or to let us know.