Although in general this information is helpful, note that some of this information is historical and dates may not be current.  We are working to update and present this information from a shared workspace. If you have questions or need clarification please contact the League Communication Director.

Thank you for hosting a Division Championship meet this season.  In order to assist you here is a list of critical issues and documentation that you can use to plan and execute a successful event.  If you have questions please contact Cindy McGee, Communication Director.

Meet Director:  You must designate a volunteer as the Meet Director for the event.  This volunteer will be the point of contact for all questions regarding your hosted event.  The Meet Director will be listed on the website Division Champs page.  Please provide the name and email address to the League Communication Director

Information Packets - It is expected that you will provide a complete information packet for your Division Champ meet to the League at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meet.  The packet should include basic information from the date and location to the directions to your facility.  SEND THIS INFORMATION ONLY TO THE LEAGUE COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR This information will be posted on the website for all teams to access.  Here are examples of Information Packets that you can use as a template.  Please use this TEMPLATE and making changes as appropriate.  The italisized/grey out text should be replaced with information specific to your event.  At the bottom of this page are several more examples to use as reference.

Division Champ Packet TEMPLATE

Volunteers - Volunteers are key to a successful event.  You will be responsible for not only providing volunteers from your club as hosts, but to secure volunteers from the attending clubs from your division.  Here are two classic examples of Volunteer sheets that should be included in your Championship packets.   They of course need to be modified to show the clubs in your division and to reflect the specific needs of your event.  Direct contact with your division's parent reps to secure Volunteers is critical.  As the host club, you have control over how much help is needed by the other teams in your division.  Fairness is key, but do not hesitate to require the help needed to run a successful meet.

Volunteer Sheet Template1               Volunteer Sheet Template2

Meet Program Sales - Meet Programs containing the event Heat Sheets are the responsibility of the host club and all profits of the sale of heat sheets remain with the host club.  Cost is set by the host club.  Typically they run between $2 -$5.  Meet programs are a significant communication device for our swimmers and parents, and a good source of revenue.  They should include key elements of the meet including, but not limited to, the following (as appropriate):

  • List of participants
  • Key volunteers
  • Site maps of the facility
  • Information regarding concessions
  • Meet Schedule
  • Heat Sheet information (League Scorekeeper sends you this file via email after entries are submitted)
  • Advertising

Meet program example:  2012 Jr. Boys Meet Program

Advertising - The League secures advertising that must be included in all championship heat sheets.  The copy will be available from the website.  All host clubs will share in the heat sheet revenue collected from the vendor as outlined in the Operating plan.


League Championship T-Shirts are designed and provided by the League.  Each host team must pick up the shirts on the Friday prior to Division Championships at the designated location.  For the 2014 season the pickup date is Friday July 11th, 10:00 am at Samena.  Packets of information will accompany each box of shirts outlining the protocol for inventory and sales.  Providing a location and volunteers to sell the shirts during the meet is the responsibility of the host club.  Cost is set by the League and the Host Clubs receive a percentage as is outlined in the League Operating Plan.  Documentation detail can be found on the previous Champ Hosting page.

Awards - Awards will be available for pick up along with T-Shirts on Friday July 11th, 10:00 am at Samena.   Information will be included explaining how to distribute ribbons and medals:

Concessions - Concessions are the responsibility of the host club and all profits remain with the host club.  Menu and prices are set by the host club.  We recommend offering a breakfast menu at this meet.

Operating Plan sections relating to the Division Championship Meet.  Check the complete Operating Plan for more information

Historical Division Champ Host Documentation - this is provided for you to use as examples or templates when creating the current season documentation.  Many of the documents below are in .pdf format.  If you would like the Word format please contact the League Communication Director.

Year Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
2011 Div 1 Champ Packet Div 2 Champ Packet Div 3 Champ Packet Div 4 Champ Packet Div 5 Champ Packet
2012 Division Champ Information - all Divisions
2013 Div 1 Champ Packet Div 2 Champ Packet Div 3 Champ Packet Div 4 Champ Packet Div 5 Champ Packet
2014 Div 1 Champ Packet Div 2 Champ Packet Div 3 Champ Packet Div 4 Champ Packet Div 5 Champ Packet
2015 Div 1 Champ Packet Div 2 Champ Packet Div 3 Champ Packet Div 4 Champ Packet Div 5 Champ Packet