Fall/Winter Registration

Information & Registration

The Piranhas Swim Club has an open door policy, meaning we allow swimmers to join our team all season long!    

Fall 2019 Registration - IS NOW OPEN - REGISTER HERE

New Swimmers

We ask that all new swimmers participate in an evaluation session in order for the Piranhas coaches to place them in the correct training group based on skills and age. 

Please contact Head Coach, Lucas Baarlaer, to set-up an assessment if you are unable to attend Splash Night.  New swimmer evaluation can be organized at any point during the season. 

Two Week Trial Memberships

Piranhas Swim Club will offer any new family the option of trying our club out commitment-free for two weeks.  While we do ask that new members complete full registration, full refunds and exemption from Piranhas Swim Club's family commitment policy be available within the two week window.  All new swimmers who continue with the Piranhas after the first two weeks will receive a Piranhas team T-Shirt & Swim Cap.  Our way of saying, "Welcome to the team!"

Payment Information and Fees for Fall/Winter 2019/2020


Interested in giving swimming a try? Please contact us:

Lucas Baarlaer, Head Coach -

If you have any billing questions please contact -

Doug Glass –