Eligibility/How to Join

SPA welcomes and encourages athletes with all levels of experience and ability, however, the program is not designed to teach young people how to swim. Instead, the coaching staff teaches the fundamentals of competitive swimming, including stroke technique, physical conditioning and mental preparation. Those wishing to join Springfield Aquatics should have a basic grasp of the four racing strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly, and are encouraged to complete basic swimming lessons before joining the team. Lessons are available through Springfield Prep, and are taught by Brian and Amy Reynolds, along with swimmers from the Drury Panther Swim Team and Springfield Aquatics.

Schedule an Evaluation for a New Swimmer

The first step in joining Springfield Aquatics is to schedule a swim evaluation with Angie Kearbey, Age Group Development Coach.  Angie will meet with your swimmer and have him or her swim a few laps of each stroke.  Your swimmer can then be placed in the most appropriate practice group based on current skill level and conditioning.  If it's determined your swimmer is not yet ready for a competitive swim team, Angie will refer you to Springfield Prep - our developmental learn to swim program. 

To schedule an evaluation for a new swimmer, please email Thomas Baumann

Swimmers in Springfield Prep will be invited to join SPA when they have sufficient endurance capacity and hve demonstrated a basic grasp of the four racing strokes.