Practice Schedule

Workout Schedules

Our open and flexible schedules allow a number of options for swimmers.  Swimmers aren't required to pick specific practice days, which is particularly important for younger swimmers who may be involved in other activities such as scouting, music, soccer, birthday parties, etc. We don't want our program to prevent a swimmer's participation in other important activities.

For a description of all of our practice groups, click Practice Groups


2018 Summer Schedule Beginning June 4th thru August 9th

Updated Summer Schedule for SMU practices

June 4-15                National & Gold 10-Noon Mondays thru Fridays.

                                Gold 5-6:30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

                                Silver 5-6:30pm Fridays.

June 18-July 26      National 9-11am Mondays thru Fridays.

                                Gold 7-8:30am Mondays thru Fridays & 

                                         4-6pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

                                Silver 4-6pm Fridays.

July 27-August 9     Gold 7-8:30am Mondays thru Fridays.


*** Parking at SMU - When practicing at SMU, please park in the surface lots located on Dyer (one street North of SMU Blvd).  If you park in the pool parking lot (on the side of the pool or behind the pool) you run the risk of being ticketed and even towed.


Summer Schedule for Loos practices


June 4-July 26         National 3:30-6:00pm M-Th.

                                Gold  4-6pm M-Th.

                                Silver  6-7:30pm M-Th.

                                Bronze I&II  6-7pm M-Th.

July 30-August 9     National 6-7:30pm M-Th.

                                Gold 6-7:30pm M-Th.

                                Silver 6-7:30pm M-Th.

                                Bronze 6-7pm M-Th.


Summer Schedule for HP practices:


June 4-August 9      Silver 4:14-5:45pm M-Th.

                                Bronze 5:45-6:45pm M-Th.

                                Pre-comp 3:45-4:15pm M&W.

                                Ponies 3:15-3:45pm M&W.

                                Colts 3:45-4:15pm T&Th.


Summer Schedule for WR practices:


June 4-August 9      Silver 7:00-8:30pm M&Th, 6-7:30pm T&W.

                                Bronze 7:15-8:15 M&Th, 6:15-7:15 T&W.



2017-2018 School Year Schedule (September 5th thru June 1st)

Loos Swimming Center (Addison)

National          5-7:30pm Monday thru Friday

Gold                5:30-7:30pm Monday thru Friday

Silver               6-7:30pm Monday thru Friday

Bronze II          6:30-7:30pm Monday thru Thursday

Bronze I           5:30-6:30pm Monday thru Thursday

Bronze I & II     6:00-7:00pm Friday

Highland Park (HP) High School Pool/SMU Pool

Gold              6:30-8:00pm Monday & Wednesday at SMU

                     4:00-6:30pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at HP 

Silver II          6:30-8:00pm Monday & Wednesday at SMU

                     4:00-6:30pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at HP 

Silver I           5-6:30pm Monday & Wednesday at HP

                     6:30-8:00pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at SMU              

Bronze           6:30-7:30pm Monday thru Friday at HP 

Learn-to-Swim/Pre-Comp Lessons    4-4:30pm & 4:30-5pm Monday & Wednesday at HP

                                                               4-4:30pm Tuesday & Thursday at HP

White Rock (WR) Pool
Silver              7:00-8:30pm Monday and Thursday

                        6:00-7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 

Bronze            7:15-8:15pm Monday and Thursday

                         6:15-7:15pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday