Suits and Apparel

WCS Team Suits!

In the last few years, Coach Nick has talked about having more of a team feel at meets in regards to how our team looks.  We want everybody on the pool deck to see who we are when we beat them!  With that in mind, we have some exciting news!

This season we are working with a new dealer for our team suits and apparel.  Our new team suits were promised to be available for the next three seasons, which is really great because you can buy one now and know that this will be our team suit for a while.  If you wear them only for swim meets like recommended, they should last for multiple seasons. Speedo Endurance suits are known to last longer then your typical suit.  We will have a box of suits at the pool for you to try on so you can find the perfect size for your swimmer.  Remember that you want to have your racing suits a bit tighter so you can swim faster!  We are going to do a team order in the next week or two.  If you order now, we will give it to you for a bit cheaper because you won’t need to pay taxes as the Sharks are a tax-exempt organization.  You can purchase the suit later if you want at the dealer’s store (Swimmer’s Edge), but it will be a bit more expensive so take advantage of the team price now while you can! 

The box of team suits to try on will be in the stands for the next couple of practices so if you would like to have your child try on a suit, ask Coach Kara or Karen Clasen and they will steer you in the right direction.  There will also be an order form in the box for you to let us know what size you would like.  If you know your size, you can just email me and I can add you to the order form.

Not only are we offering suits but we will have a full list of apparel items available for swimmers and their families to purchase.  We will get some order forms out soon for the apparel as we are still waiting on some pricing options. 

Attached, we have provided a mock-up of what the suits would look like.  Prices are as follows:

Female Suit -- $65

Male Jammer -- $45

Male Speedo -- $37

Kara Parry