Vision & Mission

Vision Statements

  • To demonstrate performance mastery by qualifying 1-4 swimmers for the 2020 US Olympic Trials.

  • To demonstrate performance quality by increasing the number of swimmers competing at local, regional and national competitions, including Sectional, Zone, All-Star and D1 championships.

Mission Statements

  • To provide swimmers, of all ages and from different organizations (club, high school and college), the opportunity to compete as a unified group of Omaha residents and to elevate their swimming to the highest level possible in USA Swimming.

  • To demonstrate program effectiveness by increasing the number of swimmers who successfully compete in all four strokes. 


What We Strive to Do Each Day

  • We're growing jellyfish and floaters into coordinated graceful swimmers.
  • We’re pushing graceful swimmers to become victorious racers.
  • We're growing scattered, silly, rambunctious kids into organized, respectful teammates.
  • We're guiding knuckleheads towards maturity, responsibility and dedication to the cause.
  • We're guiding rowdy, ADD/HD kids to become continuous learners.
  • We’re teaching sponges who soak up technique and knowledge.
  • We're nurturing kids with low work ethic and low pain tolerance into workout conquerors who meet challenges and push the threshold of pain.
  • We're turning stiff & weak Wii experts into dry land hulksters.
  • We're guiding easily distracted kids toward goal oriented and focused achievers.
  • We're blending kids from various schools, cliques and backgrounds into 1 TEAM.
  • We're teaching local thinkers and actors to become global thinkers and actors.
  • We're building the shy and intimidated into confident leaders.
  • We're nudging the selfish and lazy to be INSPIRED AND INSPIRING.
  • Our swimmers are in all different spots along the path.
  • We (coaches AND parents) have to point the way, lead and take them as far as they'll go.