2019 Registration

Our 2019 will be different from previous years.  Registration of swimmers will take place online through this site, including online payment options for the registration fee. 

Our registration fees will be maintained the same as our 2018 season at $500 per swimmer.   Our overall costs will be higher this year as we are not in our home pool, the fees per hour will be more.   In order to keep our club operational, we will need to maintain our fees. As far as training time, for each swimmer we are able to offer nearly the same training hours as in previous years (see below).  We recognize this will be a difficult year with the increased travel time to the pool but we have done our best to maintain training time and value for our swimmers.

  traditional Per swimmer 2019 per swimmer 2019
  total hours total hours total hours change
May 36 18 13.5 -4.5
june 32 16 13.5 -2.5
july 48.75 48.75 47 -1.75
August 22.5 22.5 18 -4.5
total 139.25 105.25 92 -13.25


  Returning swimmers will receive an email to register prior to February 8, 2019.  We will not be holding a formal registration evening this year but will hold an evening following online registration to to drop off fundraising deposit cheques, sign ASSA waivers in person and address any questions you may have..



The number of swim club members will be capped at 50 swimmers. 

For more information about our program, please contact the club at


Swimmers Personal Information Protection Form

Registration Checklist

The following items must be completed:

·         Completed swimmer personal information ASSA PIPA/FOIP form

·         Cheque or cash for $500 per swimmer until March 15, 2019.  As of March  15, 2019, the registration fee will increase to $600 per swimmer. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, etransfer or online with credit card. Payment plans of post-dated cheques (up to 4 cheques maximum) will be accepted with an initial deposit of at least $250 dated for March 15, 2019. Full payment must be received prior to May 1, 2018 or a swimmer starting the season.

·         Refundable Fundraising cheque for $300 postdated for June 30, 2019 (which will only be cashed if you do not fulfill the fundraising commitments.)  

·        Clothing order forms will be emailed directly and orders made by each family/swimmer directly with ID apparel

-Swim suits can be ordered during registration online.  Tracey Burnett will contact those requiring suits directly regarding sizing and orders.

-NEW this year we are offereing a quick dry towel with our Sea Serpent logo on it.  These can also be ordered during registration if you are interested.

NOTE: The above cheques are payable to: Camrose Swim Club.

We will make arrangements for cheque and Waiver form drop off evening following registration.


Be an official!
Our club will continue to be successful thanks to our many parent volunteers at swim competitions – home and away. Our aim is to make every family comfortable and provide them with the opportunity to learn what is required to be an active member at swim meets. Learn more at the sign up table for officiating courses for parents at Registration Night.

Important Links and Documents

Parent Handbook

Links 3

·         Alberta Summer Swim Association

·         Nutrition

·         Official Courses