Swim meet 101

There can be many things to remember to pack for a swim meet; it gets easier as the season goes on. Below is a list of somethings to bring to with you to a swim meet.  If you are unsure about signing up for a swim meet talk to the coaches they will let you know if they think your child is ready, also they can help or pick the events that they sign up for. Sign up for meets usually goes down the Sunday prior to the meet, if you are not around and want to sign up for the upcoming meet please make advanced arrangements with the coaches or email them to ensure you get added.

Warm up for the swim meet is 6:45 am, the swimmers will go warm up in the pool and then return to camp and wait for their events.


Things to bring:

Change- to buy a heat sheet, these sheets will show you the races your child is in, usually 3-5$          (Meet mobile is an app you can buy which you can see your swimmers time and places and events on your phone).

Highlighters, sharpies- to highlight heat sheets and mark your swimmers races.

Snacks and food (healthy, nothing heavy to eat) no concession usually and lots of water.

Change of clothes for after the swim day.

Extra goggles and swimsuit, swim cap- not necessary but can be helpful if goggles break or lost caps.

Extra towels- towels get wet over the course of the day so a dry one to switch out is helpful.

Games- card games anything small and portable- coloring, crafts books (camp is not monitored so be careful with valuables).

Lawn chair to sit in while at camp. One that you can carry in case it is a bit of a hike in from the parking lot.

Blankets, sleeping bags

Flip flops- to and from the pool and to wear around camp.

  • Outdoor pool- umbrella, coat
  • Outdoor camp- warm clothes and blankets, lawn chairs (tent)

*Beat your time for the new racers and racers who beat thier times- every new race that a swimmer does they will receive a time so this is considered a “beat your time” and they will receive a ribbon, candy or whatever else that meet decides to hand out for beat you time, they can continue to take time off their races over the course of the season and continue to receive “beat your Time” ribbons etc… this is very exciting for swimmers and promotes working towards your personal bests.




* Go to the coaches after each race- they will be at a table by the pool, the swimmers go and check in after each race to get feedback from their race.

*DQ- disqualification IT HAPPENS and it is not a big deal. The coaches will give feedback after the race to help for the next time.

*Relays- always check before you leave and see if your swimmer is signed up for a relay, if you do not want to be in a relay specify on signup sheets so the coaches know. It is always best to check with the coaches before leaving.

*No show fee if you sign up and do not come to a meet, a $25 fee will charged if you sign up and do not come.

*During the swim season it is important for all swimmers to make sure they eat properly are hydrated and that they get enough rest in order to have their best season. Bring a water bottle to the pool deck of practice so they can keep hydrated while in the pool.


Lost goggles, suits, caps and water bottles from the pool deck and change room will be collected by the coaches and put into what is known as “the box of shame”….if you are missing something please have a look here to see if they have been turned in.


Regionals and provincials- everyone can participate in regionals, if you do not plan on being a part of provincials please communicate that to the coaches and do not sign up for a relay as they could make it to provincials in a relay.  The 6 and under category can participate in regionals but can not go on to provincails.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a board member or seasoned swim parent they will be happy to help. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your swimmer(s) and having another fun successful season!