How long is the Swordfish Season?
Our season starts in September shortly after school starts and for most swimmers runs through the March Championships. Those who qualify have additional meets in April.

How many times a week should my child practice?
Practices are held weeknight evenings and some Saturday mornings. We would love to see your children at every practice that is offered to their particular group. Those who come to more practices will reap the best results from the training program. Just like in everything we do—the more quality practice sessions you put in the better you will become. However, we know that your family often has other commitments and time constraints. If you cannot make all the practices, that is fine, but please bring your child to as many as you can.

How will my child know of any practice changes or new information that becomes available?
Please use our website. It will provide much of the information you seek and will answer many of the questions you may have. In addition, our head coach will email everyone if there is a change in practice time. Because we use the high school pool, we follow the district schedule with regard to snow days or emergency dismissals. It is vital that we have your correct e-mail address, as we do much of the communication by e-mail.

How can I communicate with my child’s coach?
The best mode of communications is e-mail to the coaches. Also, coaches are available to talk to parents before or after practice. As a courtesy, if you can, please let the coaching staff know in advance that you would like to meet with them.Please do not talk to coaches on deck during practice sessions.

Does my child have to participate in meets?
No. However, competition is encouraged because it provides motivation for continued hard work and improvement. We have roughly 2 meets per month, and they are always a lot of fun.

What other costs are involved with swimming?
Swimmers need at least 1 practice swimsuit and goggles. Suits, goggles & other equipment can be purchased locally at a sporting goods store or we have a new online Gear Store, which earns credit for our team.

Swimmers are required to purchase a team swimsuit and girls are required to wear team swim caps at meets. At each meet, there is a swimmer fee and event entry fees for each event the swimmer is signed up for. For most regular season meets, this usually runs about $1.00 per swimmer and $3.50 per event.

All swimmers are encouraged to have a warm-up suit. Warm-ups consist of a jacket and pants, while both pieces are optional, the warm-up jacket is strongly suggested.

Are there any other fees associated with the team?
All swimmers will be required to wear our team suit and cap at meets. We will have suits available for sizing during our registration in August. Cost will be similar to team suits in the past (about $48-$64 for girls and $32-$49 for boys).

How do I know if my child is signed up for a specific meet or what events he or she is swimming?
You will sign your child up for availability specific swim meets.
Input from swimmers and parents is welcome, but the coaches will determine which events the swimmers will be entered into.

How do I get more involved with the club as a parent?
Ballston Spa Swordfish is a non-profit organization and depends heavily on parent volunteers. You can truly help the club by timing at meets, working concessions, getting involved with the board, seeking out sponsors/advertisers for our home meets, helping with awards and apparel sales, etc. The more you can help, the better our club will be. Don’t be afraid–ask a coach or an experienced parent how you can help. We will be asking for help at our 2 home meets as we need all parents to make our meets a success. We will be having a New Parent meeting during practice in early September to help you get acquainted with the club, to help understand the expectations for your child, and learn your role as a team parent