Fall Season Fees

New Hartford Aquatics Swim Club

2019-2020 Season

September – March

Fall Season Fees

USA Swimming Annual Insurance $79 (All levels – Due at registration)

                       Full Season         Monthly Installments (Automatic Online Payments Only - Must Register in September)

White/Blue--------------------------------$400                           $60

Red----------------------------------------$450                            $65

Junior-------------------------------------$500                            $72

Senior-------------------------------------$525                            $75

**Monthly installments are charged during all 7 months of the Short Course Season (September through March)**

Scholastic Swimmer Discounts (Based on the length of each scholastic season)

Varsity/Modified Girl     - $75

Varsity Boy                  -$150

Modified Boy                -$75

Family Discounts

$50 off for second swimmer

$75 off for third swimmer

*Please make checks payable to New Hartford Aquatics Swim Club*

 Before participating in the first practice, all swimmers must have completed the following:

1. NH Aquatics Registration Form

2. Medical/Emergency Contact Form

3. USA Swimming form (For new members)

4. Copy of Birth Certificate (For new members) 

Practice times are subject to change based on pool capacity and coach availability. If you have any questions or wish for further information, please contact the club coaches at: