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Sharks Outreach/Scholarship Guidelines

Because of a generous donation from one of our Sharks families in memory of Ronald & Barbara Martin, we have been able to combine with Adirondack Swimming's Outreach Program to help swimmers in Group 1 and up, who might not otherwise be able to participate in this amazing sport.  Please see below for guidelines:


  1. Adirondack Swimming’s Outreach Program application must be submitted and approved.  If declined, a full refund will be issued (applicant must be registered as a Shark first).  Click on the link below for application:

    AD Outreach Program

  2. If approved:
    • A team suit, a set of team t-shirts and a team cap will be provided.
    • Swim meet fees will be covered.
    • The swimmer will be responsible for:
      • $100 towards Short Course (fall/winter) registration
      • $50 towards Long Course (spring/summer) registration
      • $5 USA Swimming registration fee

  3. Practice group attendance and minimum requirements must be adhered to.

  4. Meet attendance requirements must be adhered to.

  5. Carpooling options are available.

For more information, please e-mail