Stroke School

Stroke School (Developmental Level I)

Our entry level training group meets twice per week for forty-five minutes. To be considered for the Stroke School on the YMCA Swim Team, children must pass our Youth III swim lessons group or an equivalent level in another program. Swimmers may test out of the Youth III swim lessons group by demonstrating 50 meters of Freestyle, 50 meters of Backstroke, 25 meters of Breaststroke, 25 meters of Butterfly, and basic knowledge of flip turns and open turns. 

Competition is not required for athletes in this training group, but athletes are encouraged to give it a shot once they feel ready. Swimmers MUST compete in a meet in order to be considered to move up to Novice I.

In the Stroke School training group, swimmers learn swimming drills to help them improve their technique in the four competitive swimming strokes. They learn the rules of competitive swimming as far as breakouts, turns, and finishes. They learn proper lane etiquette and the basics of being a good swimming teammate. Our goal in the Stroke School Group is to improve confidence and comfort for each swimmer.