Age Group

Age Group (Competitive Level I)

Age Group is the first of three comeptitive training groups within our program. We meet five times per week for an hour and a half and we request that each athlete attend at least three practices per week. To be eligible for Age Group an athlete must qualify for a regional championship meet in the state of Alaska such as Age Group Championships or our regional YMCA championship meet. Swimmers must also exhibit a desire to move up to the competitive level of the program. We will only allow athletes to make the move once they decide they are ready to devote more time and energy to their swim team. They must see themselves involved with this sport in a long term capacity. Let us know if you think your athlete might be ready to move to Age Group!

Participation in swim meets is mandatory at this level of training. We understand when athletes have to miss one for a school function or a family trip. But attendance at swim meets should be a high priority at this point.

In this training group swimmers become familiar with more advanced workouts and interval training as well as a greater immersion with the energy systems. They will continue to polish their strokes with particular emphasis on creating a well-rounded swimmer and an injury-free swimmer. We will also begin to condition them and help them plan for races of longer distances where the simple "dive in and swim fast" is an oversimplification. Last, we will spend a great deal of time talking of the importance of turns and breakouts in fast swimming as races are often won and lost at the walls.