Novice II

Novice II Group (Developmental Level III)

Novice III is our last developmental training group. To be considered for Novice II, athletes must qualify for a local championship meet such as Central Area Championships held in December each year at Bartlett Pool.

Participation at swim meets is strongly encouraged at this level. Regular participation in meets develops the confidence, courage, and racing skills required to be successful in our competitive training groups. At this point in the game, attending swim practice in the Novice II group but not attending swim meets would be the equivalent of attending soccer practices but always skipping out on soccer games. Once your athlete reaches this point, regular attendance at swim meets should become the norm. 

In this training group swimmers see their first introduction to training intervals and basic energy systems. They are told of the importance of regular attendance at swim practice for themselves and their teammates as well as the importance of proper nutrition and hydration in order to keep them energized for school and practice each day. At this point we encourage the swimmers to start considering whether or not they will dedicate their time to competitive swimming.