Juniors (Competitive Level II)

Juniors is the second of our competitive training groups. We practice four times per week for two hours and one time per week for an hour and a half for a total of five practices per week. Juniors are also eligible to participate in the weekday morning training sessions which include three swims and two strength & conditioning practices. We request that Juniors plan to attend a minimum of four swimming practices per week. Athletes are eligible to join the Junior group once they have shown a superior level of dedication at the Age Group level and they have qualified for a statewide meet such as Junior Olympics or Alaska Senior Championships. Again, athletes must want to make the move up to the next level as it requires an even greater demand on their dedication and their time.

Participation in swim meets is mandatory at this level of training. We understand when athletes have to miss one for a school function or a family trip. But attendance at swim meets should be a high priority at this point.

In this training group we spend a great deal of time working the various energy systems a swimmer must have in order to compete well in this sport including the oxidative, glycolitic, and phosphagen energy systems. We spend a great deal of time working with high intensity aerobic training, ladder sets, and interval workouts to give our swimmers the best chance at success. We begin to help athletes check out the various meets they can qualify for and we help them come up with a basic plan for setting and meeting their goals. Swimmers at this level spend an even greater amount of time on push offs, streamlines, turns, and finishes, and they are introduced to more advanced technique goals in an effort to make their swimming more efficient, faster, and more powerful. We love to see swimmers at this level "drive the car", which means we like to hear what they want and we help them see those plans through to the finish.