Meet Entries & Meet Fees

Hello YMCA Swim Team,


Given the backlash I have received over meet entries and meet fees this morning, and at past meets as well, we now have a new policy regarding meet entries.

Anchorage YMCA Swim Team and its coaching staff will no longer enter athletes in swim meets. (09/21/18)

If your athlete wishes to compete, you must log in to your account on our website, go to the events tab, and declare them as attending at the meet(s) of their choice. If you do not know how to log in to your YMCA account, send me an email and I will in turn send your log in instructions.

Once you have declared that your athlete will attend, you may either select their events or you may leave a note with instructions that their coaches should select their events. 

Once you have declared them for the meet, you accept all responsibility for meet fees regardless of whether they attend. Meet fees are paid the day that entries are due and you can only make changes  or cancellations up until entries are submitted.

I always attach the meet host's invite paperwork to the events as soon as that information becomes available. Get in the habit of reading that information so you are fully aware of what your family is getting into by committing to a swim meet.


I hate to do this because I love being helpful when families call, text, email, or say "hey, please sign my kid up for the meet", but I cannot do that anymore knowing that sometimes it will result in angry families or families who refuse to pay meet fees after entries have been submitted.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding this new policy, or if you need assistance fully managing your YMCA Swim Team account so that you can log in and handle your athlete's meet entries.


Thank you,


Lauren Langford

Anchorage YMCA Swim Team

Head Coach