The Spinners group is our first group of swimmers. This group emphasizes proper technique with the introduction of the freestyle and backstroke strokes. Swimmers in this group work on swimming fundamentals such as kicking, streamline, and lane etiquette, and we include games to help develop these skills and create a positive and fun environment. The goal of the spinner group is to create a foundation on which other strokes are built upon, so as the swimmer progresses into other groups they swim safely and efficiently.  Competition is not stressed for swimmers in the Spinner group, but if swimmers wish to participate in time trials or swim meets they are encouraged to choose events appropriate to their level of swimming. 

Coaching staff recommends that swimmers in the Spinner group come to practice two to three times a week. 

Spinner Schedule (2020)

  • Monday - Friday 3:40-4:20  

The more practices each swimmer comes to, the more each swimmer will take from the team. We understand that our swimmers do more than just swim! If there are scheduling conflicts, please tell one of the coaches and we can work to find a solution to the problem.